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Personnel Journeyman

In order to pariticipate in Joint Warefare, we need to learn to work together. Working together constitutes what concept Team
Competent joint war fighters must be skilled in thinking about all of the following except Conducting the necessary training
Values that have special impact on the conduct of joint operations include the following except excellence in all we do
The following make up unified action in the military except familiarization
The commanders of the geographic commands are each assigned a geographic area of responsibility
All of the following is a functional command except United States Personnel Command(USPERCOM)
All of following are the main components of the Base-Level Service Delivery Model (BLSDM)except An additional 10-20 personnel authorizations to build an entire new commander's support staff (CSS)
In April 2006, Personnel Services Delivery(PSD)was rolled out. Within this plan, what group of personnelist absorbed some of the work formerly done in the miitary personnel flight(MPF) Commander's Support staff
Created by: varnoni