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6th European History

6th grade European History Vocabulary terms

cartography mapmaking
Crusades military expeditions sent from 1096 to 1272 by various popes to capture the Holy Land from Muslim Turks
Pope the leader of the Roman Catholic Church
colony a foreign area controlled by a country and contributing to its wealth
Great Britain the united countries of England, Scotland, and Wales, a union that dated from the early 1700s
penal describes a prison
Scramble for Africa the division of much of Africa among European countries between 1885 and 1910
nationalism the love of one's country
militarism using strong armies and threats of war
Allied Powers the alliance of Great Britain, France, Russia, and the United States during World War I
Ottoman Empire Turkey and its colonies
Central Powers the alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria in World War I
World War I European conflict from 1914 to 1918; also known as the Great War and "the war to end all wars"
World War II worldwide conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945
czar the absolute ruler of Russia before 1917
stock market crash occurs when the value of stocks falls quickly and deeply
economic depression a hard time in the economy when businesses, banks, factories close and people lose their jobs; buying and selling almost stops
Nazi Party National Socialist Party of Germany's Adolf Hitler
Genocide the planned killing of a race of people
Holocaust the systematic killing of 6 million Jews and others by the Nazis before and during World War II
Cold War a period of distrust and misunderstanding between the Soviet Union and its former allies in the West, particularly the United States
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) an alliance of the United States, Canada, and its western European allies; formed after World War II
circumnavigate to sail completely around
imperialism the practice of one country controlling the government and economy of another country or territory
capitalism an economic system in which the factories and businesses that make and sell goods are privately owned and the owners make the decisions about what goods to produce
Russian Revolution the 1917 revolution that removed the Russian monarchy from power after it had ruled for 400 years
colonialism a system by which a country maintains colonies outside its borders
Austria-Hungary in the 1900s, a dual monarchy in which the Hapsburg emperor ruled both Austria and Hungary
dual monarchy a form of government in which one ruler governs two nations
alliance an agreement among people or nations to unite for a common cause and to help any alliance member that is attacked
fascism a political philosophy that promotes a strong, central government controlled by the military and led by a powerful dictator
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