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Ch 13,14,15 Euro

Euro Ch 13,14,15 Test

copernicus's major contributions + major work heliocentric universe, on the revolutions of heavenly spheres
what were keplers major contributions paths of planets are elliptical not circular, publicized cop's ideas
keplers major work new astronomy
brahe's contributions researched + supported earth centered universe, lots of data, made instruments
galileos major contributions saw new stars + moons through telescope, and publicized through social standing, universe subject to math
galileos major works starry messenger, letters on sunspots
newtons contributions father of physics, laws of gravity, empiricism
what is empiricism one must observe phenomena before trying to explain them
Newtons major work Principia mathematica
Bacon's major contributions father of empiricism
descartes major contributions developed scientific method (deductive reasoning) beyond empiricism
descarted major work. what did he write in it discourse on method. rejected scholasticism and advocated math
what 2 categories did descartes divide the world thinking things (mind) and things occupying space (body)
what was hobbes view of human nature extremely dark, humans are selfish
what was hobbes political view advocated absolute monarchy
what is hobbes famous work leviathan
what is john lockes view on human nature its good, have natural rights to liberty
what is lockes view on politics people have right to overthrow if ruler becomes tyrant`
Lockes famous works first and second treatise of civil gov, letters concerning toleration
how did the united provinces of netherlands become a nation after successfully revolting against spain
who is prince william III of orange stadtholder (hereditary chief) of the most important province Holland
How did the Netherlands differ from the rest of europe other nations had monarchies, netherlands was a republic where states had power
What 4 factors was Dutch economic achievement built upon? Urban life, Farming Trade (fishing, textiles, shipping), Overseas Empire (gained control through spice trade in Asia)
why did netherlands decline? lost central authority and became disunited
2 models of government in england; france parliamentary monarchy; absolutism
why did these models of government arise? cost of warfare was high and only these types of governments succeeded in raising enough money
who was James I? describe political policies and religious policies ruled after elizabeth, from scotland, wanted anglicanisms so faces problems with puritans and was anti-parliament
what was Charlies I view on parliament? what did he want for religion anti, religious conformity
what was the petition of right parliament has to approve taxes, no unfair imprisonment, no quartering of troops in private homes
why did the english civil war start parliament wouldnt give funds to charles's war in scotland, so he built his own army and parliament built their own army
2 factors that allowed parliament to win the civil war alliance with scotland + leadership of oliver cromwell
Created by: mhaq.16