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Urinary System

The kidneys are responsible for excreting Nitrogenous wastes and water
The kidneys are located in which area? Retroperitoneal
The pathway of urine formation is: Kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra
Frequent nighttime urination is called: nocturia
The nephron is: the functional unit of the kidney
What are normal characteristics of urine? Yellow, odorless and clear
What are symptoms of a UTI? hematuria, burning sensation with voiding, frequent voiding
Why do elderly sometimes have problems with dribbling? the sphincter muscle weakens &/or the bladder muscle tone decreases.
Recommended 24 hour fluid intake: 2000-3000cc
Define retention: Inability to empty bladder when voiding
What can lead to incontinence? sphincter muscle weakness, confusion, limited mobility
How often should you check the tubing and bag of an indwelling catheter for the presence of urine? Every 2 hours
Define Indwelling catheter A sterile tube inserted through the urethra into the bladder to drain urine.
What should be considered regarding indwelling catheters? always wear gloves when emptying, Empty q shift and PRN, keep drainage bag below level of bladder, tubing should be place over the leg or between resident’s legs.
How often should you do peri-care on a pt with an indwelling catheter? q shift and PRN
What is the longest amount of time you may leave someone on the bedpan? 10 minutes.
How often should you check someone on a bedpan? in 5 minutes
How does the antidiuretic hormone (ADH) affect the kidneys? It causes the kidney to retain water.
What occurs during kidney failure? fluid overload and cell poisoning.
What would prevent the ADH from working properly? caffeine.
Cystectomy Excision of the bladder
Nephrectomy Removal of the kidney
Nephroma Kidney Tumor
Cystalgia Bladder pain
Nephromegaly Enlargement of the kidney
Nephropathy Kidney disease
Cystogram record of bladder
Cystitis bladder inflammation
Nephritis Inflammation of the kidney
Nephrologist One who specializes in the kidney
Nocturia nighttime urination
Dysuria difficult or painful urination
Oliguria scanty urination
Pyruia puss in the urine
Anuria no urine
Hematuria blood in the urine
Bacteriuria bacteria in the urine
Glycosuria glucose in the urine
Proteinuria protein in the urine
Micturition urination
Retention inability to fully empty the bladder
Urgency feeling the need to urinate immediately
Created by: HerndonFON