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Medical Eponyms

Stack #139119

EponymEquivalent Name or Definition
Colle's Fracture Fracture at wrist.
Pott's Fracture Fracture affecting both bones of leg, at ankle.
Haversian Canals Central Canals
Haversian Systems Osteons
Sharpey's Fibres Perforating Fibres- Collagen fibres incorperated into bone tissue.
Volkmann's Canals Perforating canals- between central canals in bone.
Wormian Bones Sutural Bones.
Cori Cycle The metabolic exchange of lactic acid from skeletal muscle for glucose from the liver. (performed during recovery)
Broca's Centre Speech Centre
Foramen of Luschka Lateral foramina- one of the 2 lateral openings draining the 4th ventricle.
Meissner's Corpuscles Tactile corpuscles- receptor in skin sensitive to light touch.
Merkel's Disks Tactile disks- fine touch and pressure receptors.
Foramen of Munro Interventricular foramen- connects 1st and 2nd to 3rd ventricle.
Nissl Bodies Large granular body found in neurones.
Pacinian Corpuscles Sensitive to deep pressure.
Purkinje Fibers Conductive fibres located in the inner ventricular walls of the heart.
Fissure of Ronaldo Central Sulcus
Schwann Cells Neurolemmocytes
Aqueduct of Sylvius Mesencephalic Aqueduct
Sylvian fissure Lateral sulcus
Pons varolii Pons
Organ of Corti Spiral organ- organ in inner ear containing hair cells.
Cells of Leydig Interstitial Cells- located in testes, secrete testosterone.
Circle of Willis Cerebral arterial circle.
Bundle of His AV bundle- heart conduction from AV node to apex of fascicular branches.
Starlings Law Force of muscle contraction depends on length of muscle fibres.
Hassal's Corpuscles Located in thymus, made of reticuloendothelial cells.
Kupffer cells Stellate reticuloendothelial cells
Peyer's Patches Aggregated lymphoid nodules.
Bohr effect An increase in blood carbon dioxide level or a decrease in pH causes haemoglobin to bind to oxygen with less affinity.
Boyle's Law The relationship between the product pressure and volume within a closed system as constant when temperature and moles remain at a fixed measure; both entities remain inversely proportional.
Plexus of Auerbach Myenteric Plexus
Brunners Glands Duodenal Glands
Crypts of Lieberkuhn Intestinal glands.
Plexus of Meissner Submucosal plexus- nerve branches in small intestine which have perforated the smooth muscle.
Sphincter of Oddi Hepatopancreatic sphincter.
Duct of Santorini Common Accessory Duct
Stensen's Duct Parotid duct- route of saliva from parotid gland to mouth.
Ampulla of Vater Formed where bile duct and common pancreatic duct meet.
Wharton's Duct Submandibular duct- submandibular gland to mouth.
Duct of Wirsung Pancreatic Duct
Bowman's Capsule Glomerular Capsule
Loop of Henle Nephron Loop
Bartholin's Glands Greater Vestibular Glands- secrete mucus to provide vaginal lubrication.
Cowper's Glands Bulbourethral glands- create pre-ejaculate during sexual arousal.
Fallopian Tube Uterine tube/ oviduct
Graafian Follicle Tertiary follicle- basic unit of female reproductive biology.
Glands of Littre Lesser Vestibular glands- minute mucous glands opening into the vagina.
Sertoli Cells Nurtures developing sperm cells.
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