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ANT Chpt 12

Anatomy Chapter 12

You enter a sauna and if feels awfully hot, but soon the temperature feels comfortably warm. What have you have experienced? sensory adaptation
The lacrimal glands produce ___, which drain(s) into the ___. tears; nasal cavity
The spiral organ (organ of Corti)? contains hair cells
Equilibrium and the activities of muscles and joints are monitored by? proprioceptors
In the retina, cone photoreceptors provide higher acuity of vision that do rods
Which fo the following is NOT reuired for a sensation to occur? the presence of slowly adapting receptors
The type of pain that can be precisely localized is fast pain
Which of the following characteristics of taste is NOT true? humans can recognize about 10 primary tastes
An ice skater is spinning rapidly on the ice. What is occurring in her inner ear? the cristae of each semicircular duct are responding to changes in dynamic equilibrium
Kinesthesia is the ? perception of body movements
Which of the following is NOT true about nociceptors? they adapt very rapidly
The sense of smell? is descirbed by all of the above characteristics
Transmission of vibrations (sound waves) from the tympanic membrane to the oval window is accomplished by? the auditory ossicles
Which of the following structures refracts light rays entering the eye? cornea
Your 45-year-old neighbor has recently begun to have difficulty reading the morning newspaper. You explain that this condition is known as ___ and is due to ___. presbyopia, the loss of elasticity in the lens
Damage to cells in the fovea centralis would interfere with visual acuity
Place the following events concerning the visual pathway in the correct order: 3, 4, 6, 1, 2, 5
Place the following events of the auditory pathway in the correct order: 4, 2, 5, 1, 3
focuses light rays onto the retina lens
regulates the amount of light entering the eye iris
contains aqueous humor anterior cavity
contains blood vessels that help nourish the retina choroid
hole in the middle of the iris pupil
dense connective tissue that provides shape to the eye sclera
contains photoreceptors retina
color vision cone photoreceptors
taste gustatory receptor cell
smell olfactory receptor
dynamic equilibrium cristae
vision in dim light rod photoreceptor
stretch in a muscle muscle spindle
static equilibrium maculae
pressure pacinian corpuscle
touch Meissner corpuscle
detection of pain nociceptor
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