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chapter 7 vocabulary

myocardial heart muscle
myocardial infarction heart attack
occusion a blockage in a canal,vessel or passage of the body
capillary the smallest blood vessels
arterioles the smallest of the arteries
atria the lower chamber of the heart
diuretic agent used to reduce the blood volume
triglyceride fatty substance in the body
lipiod fatty substance in the body
antiarrhythmic drugs used to correct an abnormal heart rhythm
homeostasis equilibrum of the internal environment of the body
ischemia temporary deficency of blood supply to any body part
vasodilation an increase in the diameter of a blood vessel
phlebectomy the surgical removel of a vein or part of a vein
fibrillation severe cardiac arrhythmic in which contractions are to rapid for effective blood circulation
cardioversion restoring hearts normal rhythm by applying a controlled electric shock to the exterior of the chest
murmur soft blowing, fluttering sound in heart
tachycardia rapid heart rate
myocarditis inflammation of the heart muscle
pericarditis inflammation of the pericardium