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Social Studies

Name 2 explorers who helped another town instead of their own homeland? John Cabot and Henry Hudson.
What is an expedition? A journey to achieve a goal.
After reading about Marco Polo's travels, king and queens wanted their explorers to do this? Find water routes to Asia.
The instrument Columbus used to help him navigate his ship. A compass
The reason native americans' died after columbus's arrival Because of a disease
The Spanish word for conqueror. Conquistador
True or False:Columbus made it to the East Indies. False
What are 2 items that Columbus too back to Europe from the Americas in the Columbian Exchange Any 2 from this list:Corn,peanuts,potatoes,tomatoes,chocolate,peppers,beans and squash.
What 2 items did Columbus and explorers from France and England want to find? Gold and spices
The state that Ponce de Leon explored and claimed? Florida
What is used to help see the chronological order of events in history? A timeline
Name 2 difficulties that settlers in Plymouth and Jamestown had in common. Both ran out of food,half of each group died and both groups had to learn to farm and uses resources.
Name one reason why Roanoke failed. The land was not good for farming or the settlers were not prepared.
The reason explorers looked for a northwest Passage. To find a shorter trade route to Asia.
Created by: Gabby12