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InundateTo overwhelm with, to flood
Garnish Flashy, tastelessly loud, and brightly colored
Underscore To emphasize
Haughty Snobbish, overly proud
Transient Existing for a short period of time
Urbane Polite, suave and cultivated in manner
Meticulous Extremely careful
Disseminate To spread out
Censure To criticize severely
Surreptitious Done or made secret by stealthy means
Melancholy Sad, gloomy
Aspire To have great ambition
Concord Agreement
Diligent Hard-working
Reprehensible Deserving of criticism or disapproval
Exalt To elevate, glorify, or praise
Flamboyant Highly elaborate, showy
Assess To make a judgement about
Sagacious Insightful, wise
Paradox A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true
Rancor Hostility
Impartial Not biased
Sanction To give official authorization to
Mercenary Motivated solely by a desire for material gain
Induce To bring about the occurrence of
Tractable Easily managed, led or taught
Voluble Characterized by ready and rapid speech
Reiterate To repeat
Curtail To cut short
Debilitate To weaken
Inflammatory Arousing strong emotion, especially anger
Equanimity Calmness
Deter To prevent or discourage from acting
Veiled Concealed or disguised
Discord Disagreement
Inquisitive Showing curiosity
Divergent Drawing apart from a common point, differing from another
Reproach To criticize or express disappointment
Reminisce To recollect and tell of the past
Sanguine Cheerful
Nonchalant Casually unconcerned (sometimes falsely)
Dilatory Tending to delay; late or slow
Superfluous Extra, unnecessary
Condescending To deal with people in a superior manner
Acrimony Hostility
Prodigious Enormous; extraordinary
Daunt To intimidate or lessen one's courage
Tedious Tiresomely long or boring
Mediocre Ordinary; so-so
Mandate An authoritative command
Resignation Acceptance of something as inescapable
Nurture To help develop, to nourish
Fervent Greatly emotional or enthusiastic
Eclectic Having elements from a variety of sources
Composed Calm
Versatile Capable of doing many things competently
Scathing Harshly critical
Eloquent Well spoken
Commend To praise
Ecstasy Intense joy or delight
Despair A complete loss of hope
Exonerate To free from blame or responsibility
Juxtapose To place side by side
Evasive Tending to escape
Cursory Performed with haste and little attention to detail
Disparage To speak of in an insulting way
Elite Superior in status
Bane A cause of death or ruin
Defer To submit or yield to another's wish or opinion
Averse Reluctant
Enmity Hatred
Guile Skillful deceit
Dogmatic Stubbornly and arrogantly opinionated
Warrant To justify
Frenetic Wildly excited; frenzied; frantic
Convoluted Complicated
Plausible Believable
Hail To salute or greet
Enunciate To pronounce with clarity
Felicity Great happiness
Mundane Ordinary; commonplace
Enigmatic Puzzling
Keen Sharp, perceptive
Skeptical Doubting, questioning, not believing
Encroach To advance beyond limits
Judicious Having good judgments
Inaccessible Not easily approached or entered or obtained
Therapeutic Having healing power
Sporadic Occurring at irregular intervals
Buttress To support or strengthen
Placid Calm, quite
Amiable Friendly
Propensity Tendency
Pernicious Deadly or destructive
Confound To confuse
Dispel To get rid of
Subdue To bring under control
Harangue A long angry speech
Earnest Showing deep sincerity or seriousness
Innocuous Harmless
Cacophony Jarring, disagreeable sound
Clairvoyance The power to see things that cannot be perceived by the senses
Incisive Penetrating, clear, and sharp
Benign Kind; beneficial
Vacillate To be undecided, to hesitate
Obstreperous Noisily and stubbornly defiant
Belittle To speak of in an insulting way
Voluminous Big; having large volume
Archaic Outdated; really old
Patronize To treat condescendingly
Incontrovertible Impossible to dispute
Precarious Dangerously unstable or insecure
Dismiss To reject
Obstinate Stubborn
Dissipate To disappear
Circumvent To avoid or get around
Indignation Anger (over something unjust)
Genial Friendly, cheerful
Incorrigible Incapable of being corrected or reformed
Penitent Feeling or expressing remorse
Assiduous Hard-working
Ominous Menacing; threatening
Manifest To make evident or certain by displaying or demonstrating
Bemuse To confuse, stun, or stump
Estrange To cause to become unfriendly or hostile
Supplant To take the place of
Notorious Infamous: known widely and unfavorably; famous for something bad
Adulation Excessive flattery
Admonish To gently criticize or warn
Concur To agree
Complicity Participation in a bad act or a crime
Poignant Touching
Cunning Clever, sneaky
Ascertain To discover
Morose Gloomy
Rebuke To criticize or find fault with
Reciprocate To show or give in return
Renounce To reject, disown, or formally give up
Concede To acknowledge, often reluctantly, as being true
Quell To put down forcefully
Banal Ordinary and commonplace
Disposition Ones usual mood
Impassioned Filled with passion
Entice To lure
Contrived Obviously planned or made up
Embellish To add fictitious details too
Deprecate To mildly insult or belittle
Obtuse Lacking intellect
Tumultuous Disorderly or noisy
Indifferent Having no preference
Convivial Sociable
Reticent Restrained or reserved
Vivacious Lively
Esoteric Understood by only a few
Facilitate To make easier
Affable Friendly
Stagnant Not moving, flowing, or developing
Trivial Insignificant, unimportant
Partisan Devoted to or biased in support of a group
Competent Having adequate ability
Conform To be similar; to adapt
Propriety The quality of being proper
Constrain To hold back; to restrain
Innate Inborn
Waver To be unsure or weak
Uniform Always the same
Insinuate To suggest subtly; to hint
Perpetual Continuing forever or indefinitely
Cerebral Intellectual
Whimsical Impulsive
Squander To waste
Adversity Great hardship
Pertinent Exactly relevant
Austere Strict or severe in discipline
Abstruse Difficult to understand
Clandestine Kept or done in secret
Condone To excuse or overlook
Officious Overly eager in offering unwanted help
Discrepancy An unexpected difference
Eminent Outstanding; distinguished
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