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Micro chapter 46

What is 1st morning specimen used for? Pregnancy
Why is the 1st morning specimen best? Most concentrated
What are the guidelines for midstream clean-catch specimen? Partial voiding before specimen is collected
What is a midstream clean-catch used for? Cx, pregnancy, microscopic evaluation
Name 3 things a 24 hour catch is use for: glucose, protein, infection
who is a pediatric specimen used for? children only
What is a catheterization? sterile tube is inserted into the bladder through the urethra
What is a urinary Catheterization used for? Pt. unable to void, Med installed into the bladder
What is chain of custody? inform pt. the reason of test
what hormone is a pregnancy test used to detect? hCG
When is the pregnancy hormone showing a steady increase? 14 to 15 weeks
most important question to ask a female (b4 urinalysis) at time of visit? when was your last LMP
What is complete urinalysis? physical, chemical, microscopic
describe color and clarity pale yellow, dark yellow, light yellow, yellow, brown/black, pink/red, amber, brown/green; 2)clear, light hazy, hazy, cloudy and turbid
what is volume amount of urine in one void
describe odor? ammonia smell, fruity smell
Name the components of chemical urinalysis: reassert strips
what is normal ph? 5.0 to 7.0
what is specific gravity? weight of a substance dissolved in a substance as composed to that found in distilled water
normal specific gravity? 1.005 to 1.030
what is the confirmatory test for ketones? Ace test
what are leukocyte esterases? When are they present? Enzymes released by WBC'S (when a significant amount of these cells are present)
What is glucosuria? sugar in urine
What is bilirubin? yellow to orange pigment, results of livers breakdown of RBC'S
what is urobilinogen? Normal product of the degradation of RBC'S in the intestines by normal flora (color)
List as many CC as you can, think of that would require urinalysis: dysuria, heamaturia, lower back/abdominal pain, fever, sore throat, Rx, pregnancy
Protein in urine discovered on a microalbumin test may often be the earliest sign of diabetic kidney damage.
Pregnancy test measures Human Chorionic Gonadotropic
Created by: bpstears