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human body

nose Nasal cavity, nostrils(nares), hair(cilia), septum(cartilage), sinuses(spaces), mucous membranes, blood vessels
Mouth Oral cavity... Alternative route for air
pharynx (Throat) between nasal/oral cavity and larynx... Three sections.... 10 upper:" naso"-two) middle"oro-" and three) "lower"laryngo"... find hairs to conduct and filter,'C' rings for flexibility.... Part of both respiratory and digestive systems..... larynx
What is pertussis commonly called Whooping cough
What is asthma? What causes it? What are the symptoms and how it is treated? Occurs when the lung's air passages narrow, restricting airflow and making it hard to breathe.Asthma attack may be triggered by the inhalation or exposure to allergens.Some have periodic wheezing attacks separates by symptom-free period, How it is treated
Explain what bronchitis is Inflammation of bronchial linings increase mucus/cough
Why is breathing more difficult at higher altitudes The air is too thin
Explain how the diaphragm works to control breathing Diaphragm down expands chest air in contracts up air out 02/CO2 concentration in blood breathe faster/slower
conduction of respiration Trachea(wind pipe) divides into two branches bronchi and there is left and right lungs Bronchioles is smaller branches Alveoli are sacks where respiration takes place and capillaries
How does breathing take place? Muscles expand contract in response to pressure and change nerve signals(contcentration of CO2 in tissue speeds up and slows down)
Bronchi Tubes that connect to the lungs
Mucous membranes humidified the air we breath
Larynx Contains voicebox
epiglottis Keeps food and liquids from going into the lungs
eustachian tubes Equalized pressure in the middle ear
Alveoli Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
cilia Filters dust and other airborn pooutants
Trachea Connect larynx and bronchi
pharynx Connects mouth and nasal cavities to larynx
Diaphragm Separates the chest from the abdomen
Ligaments Ligaments are strong fibers band that holds joints together
Joints A joints is place where two bones meet. There are essentially three kinds of joints, hinges, ball and socket and pivot joint
Bursae Moving joins need lubrication called synovial fluid. Sacks that are lined with synovial [remembered the days from our membrane discussion?] Are called bursae.
Age All people are susceptible to fractures, since there bones are brittle
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