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Still an Issue Are you still experiencing this issue? Because of the delay, this may have been resolved by now.
Firewall 1. This seems like a problem with your connection to our servers. 2. While there are several potential causes for this, typically these connection issues are caused by overzealous firewalls or anti-virus programs. 3. We have a detailed guide to configuring your Firewalls to work properly with League of Legends: 4. The disabled modes or exceptions lists often do not function properly for third-party firewalls. 5. It would be much quicker to temporarily uninstall your firewalls from your computer.
Lag 1. Please take a moment to peruse this guide to troubleshooting and improving your connection quality: 2. Stop joining normal games for the time being. 3. Use Custom Games (without other players) or Tutorial Games to test your stability until you are confident that your issue is resolved.
Why No Loss Prevented? The system disallows the removal of leaves or losses or the manual editing of League Points. 2. The "Loss Prevented" that sometimes appears in match history is only applied on a server wide basis due to server instability/lag. 3. If you are experiencing consistent network issues or crashes please let me know. I can help you troubleshoot them.
Server Issues 1. This issue was most likely due to our servers experiencing some technical difficulties during peak times or maintenance. 2. You can find our (server) forums here:
Stability 1. These kinds of issues are frustrating to everyone involved and do not reflect the level of service we want to provide. 2. We will be continuing to address server stability issues; both on the forums and behind the scenes. 3. Unfortunately, the system does not allow the removal of leaves/losses, or the modification of League Points. 4. I cannot retro-actively apply "Loss Prevented."
Ghost Game 1. The ghost game will last a maximum of 2 hours after this occurs. 2. Another side effect of the Ghost game is a delay with receiving your Influence Points, Experience or League Points. 3. Once the game "clears" the server, these values will be updated on your account accordingly. 4. If the issue persists or occurs frequently, it may indicate a problem with your connection.
Session Closed 1. This error typically stems from a disconnection between your computer and our game servers. 2. To correct this I would recommend following our knowledge base article here: 3. If nothing from the guide corrects the problem, you should try disabling peer-to-peer sharing.
Driver Crashes 1. Typically these issues are caused due to computer hardware or graphical settings in League of Legends. 2. The following article contains the most common fixes for these issues.
Permissions 1. It seems as though you may have some problems with the configuration of your system permissions. 2. There are several fixes for this problem I would like you to try. 3. Make sure you have all available windows updates installed from this website: 4. Make sure you are an administrator
Splat 1. Bug Splat issues are typically caused by either your PC's hardware or graphic settings you have selected in League of Legends. 2. The majority of these issues can be fixed by following our Bug Splat troubleshooting steps:
Store Session Expired Please read the following Knowledge Base article that covers issues like these:
Created by: trainingsecret
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