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Anatomy Chp 6-Bones

What is the most common type of cartilage makes up the slelton? hyaline
What are the four types of hyaline cartilage in the body? articular, costal, respiratory, nasal
Where is articular cartilage found? covering the ends of bones
Where is costal cartilage found? connects to ribs
Where is respiratory cartilage found? larynx
Where is nasal cartilage found? external part of the nose
Where is elastic cartilage found? external ear and epiglottis
Where is fibrocartilage found? knee, discs between vertebrae, pubic symphysis
What type of cartilage is high compressible? fibrocartilage
What type of cartilage can undergo repeated bending? elastic cartilage
What type of bones are all limb bones (except the patella)? long bones
What type of bones are wrist and ankle bones? short bones
What type of bones are cube/square shaped? short bones
What type of bones are encased in a tendon? sesamoid bone
What type of bone is the patella? sasamoid bone
What type of bones are thin and usually a bit curved? flat bones
What type of bone is the sternum? flat bone
What type of bones are the ribs? flat bone
What type of bones are skull bones? flat bone
What type of bone is a scaula? flat bone
What type of bone is the hip bone? irregular bone
What type of bones are the vertebrate? irregular bones
What are the most two important minerals stored in the bones? calcium and phosphate
What is hemotopoiesis? blood cell formation
the hard external layer of a bone compact bone
the internal honeycomb like layer of a bone spongy bone
means "within bone" - delicate connective tissue membrane that lines inside of bones and contains osteobasts and osteoclasts endosteum
What does the epiphyseal plate turn into after one stops growing? epiphyseal line
What is the epiphyseal plate made of? hyaline cartilage
in spongy bone, the honeycomb of small needle-like pieces trabeculae
Where is yellow marrow stored in the medullary cavity of the diaphysis
What is yellow marrow made of? fat
Who has more yellow marrow...adults or kids? adults
Where is red marrow found in trabecular cavities of all spongy bones
Where part of the bone is the red marrow usually found? epiphysis
unspecialized stem cells that form osteoblasts osteogeneic cells
where are osteogeneic cells mainly found periosteum and endosteum
mature bone cells that maintain the bone matrix osteocytes
large cells that resorb or break down bone cells osteoclasts
Where are osteoclasts found? in the endosteum
bone-making cells osteoblasts
Which type of bone cells are found in lacunae? osteocytes
functional and structural unit of compact bone osteon
central portion of osteon that contains blood vessels central canal or Haversian canal
"rings" that surround the central canal of a osteon concentric lamellae
In between the concentric lamellae, what type of cells are found? osteocytes in lacunae
Which canals run vertical: Haversian or Volkmann? Haversian
Which canals run horizontal: Haversian or Volkmann? Volkmann
these canals connect blood vessels and nerves from the periosteum to the central canal Perforating (Volkmann's) canal
these canals cennect the osteocytes in lacunae together and connect them to the central canal canaliculi
area between osteons where old ostons have been broken down interstitial lamellae
cicular layers that surround the whole bone and is just inside the periosteum circumferential lamellae
Where type of bones are made of spongy bone? short, long, flat and irregular bones
Where is the spongy bone found in long bones? epiphyses
What gives spongy bones its spongy appearance trabeculae
What accounts for a bone's flexibility? collagen
What accoundts for a bone's hardness? crystallized mineral salts
What does ossification or osteogenesis mean? process of bone formation
What is a human embryo's skeleton made of before 8 weeks? hyaline cartilage and fibrous membranes
At what stage of development would intramembranous ossification mainly take place? in utero
At what stage of development would endochondral ossification mainly take place? after birth - makes us grow taller
What does intramembranous ossification form from mesenchym
What does endochondral ossification form from? hyaline cartilage
What type of bones are formed through intramembranous ossification? flat bones of skull, mandible and clavicle
What type of bones are formed through endochondral ossification? most bones in body
What happens to the hyaline cartilage during endochondral ossifiation? used as a model for the bone and then broken down
During endochondral ossification, where is the primary ossificaton center? in the center of the bone
During endochondral ossification where is the secondary ossification center? at the proximal and distal ends of the bone
what is another name for bone destruction bone resorption
Bone zone where chondrocytes anchor epiphyseal plate to bone of epiphysis resting cartilage
what type of connective tissue is periosteum made of dense irregular
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