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ESWS- Navigation


Personnel Recall Flag Papa
Boat Recall Flag Quebec
Divers Flag Code Alpha
Helo Operations Flag Hotel
Pilot Onboard Flag Code Hotel
Aloft/Over the Side Flag Kilo
RAS: Prep Closed Up Commence Breakaway
BMOW In charge of enlisted watch section on the bridge.
Magnetic Compass -Rhibs -DFGMC (Digital Flux Gate Magnetic Compass) -Digital Readout of Heading
Crossing Vessels crossing in front of or begind another
Variation/Deviation -Variation - Difference between true and magnetic north -Deviation - Amount the ships magnetic field affects the compass
Day Shape at anchor 1 Ball
Day Shapes not under command 2 Balls
Day Shapes restricted manuvering Ball over Diamond over Ball
Day Shapes vessel aground 3 Balls
Day Shapes contrained by draft Cylinder
Refueling/Ammo Handling Flag Bravo
RAS: Prep Hauled Down Breakaway Complete
Where are the VMS stations located -QMOW Table -Bridge Centerline -CO's Chair -CO's Cabin -Chart Room -CIC (TAO) -CIC (DRT)
Parallel Rulers 2 rulers hinged together for plotting
Acceleration/Deceleration Speed up/Slow down
Barometer Air Pressure
Purpose of range/channel markings -Range Markings - Where the ship is in relation to center of channel -Channel Markings - Safe water
OOD -Responsible for safe navigation -Direct representative when CO is not on the bridge
Conning Officer Gives course and speed changes to helm/lee helm
Ready to receive along side flag -Romeo at sea -India in port
Man Overboard Flag Oscar
Anchoring flag Uniform
Absentee Pennets 1st- Flag Officer 2nd- Staff 3rd- CO 4th- Civilian
How is a message prepared for semaphore and flashing light? Visual Message Blank OPNAV Form 2110-30
Hero Flag Lima
Lights: Not under command Red over Red
Infrared 'Nancies' -Aft mast end of yardarms -Send secret signals at night -Infrared/NVG goggles required
Give Way Alter course and speed in any given situation
Lights: underway -White masthead -White stern -Red port running -Green starboard running
RAS: Bravo hauled down Taking on fuel/ammo complete
Special Sea and Anchor Detail Manned during harbor transits and anchoring
Plane guard Watches for MOBs and downed aircraft during special evolutions
Low visibility detail Visibility has decreased significantly
Flight Quarters Transport personnel and cargo
Restricted Manuvering Special evolutions requiring the ship to maintain course and speed
Advance/Transfer Advance- Forward distance Transfer- Lateral distance
Pivot Point Point the ship appears to be turning on an axis (Frame 174)
Lights: Engaged in special operations Red over White over Red
Turning circle
True Bearing Bearing relation to true north
Relative Bearing Bearing related to ship
DIW Dead In the Water
Lookouts Look for contacts
QMOW -Safe Navigation -Maintain accurate plot
Overtaking Vessel passing from astern
Stand on Maintaining course and speed in any given situation
What is VMS Voyage Management System
Lights: Man Overboard 2 pulsating red lights on the mast
Lights: Anchored -Aircraft warning -Flag & jackstaff -Topside Deck -Waterline security
Low Vis Signals - Underway making way 1 prolonged blast every 2 minutes
Low Vis Signals - Danger 5 or more short blasts
Low Vis Signals - Man Overboard 6 short blasts
LOP Line of Position
MOBI antennas 2, Above port and starboard bridgewing doors
What is MOBI Man Overboard Indicator
Psychrometer Dry/Wet bulbs. Dew point
JX/JL circuits Lookout circuits
Bull Horn Megaphone on the bridge
Tell tale panel Indicates whether running lights are on or off
Flashing light Morse code
Semaphore -Hand signals -2 small oscar flags on handles
Flares/Pyrotecnics Small boat operations signals
EP Estimated Position (2 LOPS)
Halyards available per flag bag 3
RAS: Romeo at the dip Standing by to receive/come alongside
RAS: Romeo closed up Ready to receive/come alongside
RAS: Romeo hauled down Messenger in hand
RAS: Prep at the dip 15 minutes standby to breakaway
Storm Warning: Hurricane/Typhoon -Winds>63 -Red over Red flags with black square in center of each
Storm Warning: Small craft -Winds<34 -Seas too rough indicated by 1 red pennet
Binoculars View distance objects
Stadimeter Find distance to vessel
Sextant Celestial navigation
Bearing circle Placed over gyro for bearing to vessels or other objects
Telescopic alidade Sea and anchor detail -Bearing to nav aids
Parallel motion protractor Make LOPs on a chart
Chart Used for plotting position
Fix 3 or more LOPs
Gyrocompass Heading and bearing
First thing you see when you enter the bridge Ship's control console
Who is NAV Hirohama
RAS: Bravo at the dip Standing by to take on ammo/fuel
RAS: Bravo closed up Commenced taking on fuel/ammo
Storm Warning: Storms -Winds 48-63 -1 Red flag with black square in center
IALA (A/B) Bouyage System International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (US use B)
Ways to obtain ships position -Electronic (GPS/RADAR) -Visual -Celectial -Depth and Running fix
Purpose of DR Where ship should be based on course and speed ordered
Helmsman/Lee Helmsman Steers ship / Changes speed from Integrated throttle control
RADAR -Primarily used in CIC -Range and bearing to contacts and land
DR Dead Reconing
Set / Drift -Direction (set) -Speed (drift) Ships offset from DR
Time Zones
Storm Warning: Gales -Winds 34-47 -2 Red over Red pennets
Head on Vessels approaching bow to bow
Fathometer Depth
Satellite Nav Furuno/Raytheon
Bright Bridge Contact reports and others that may affect safe navigation
Lights: Inport, Moored -Aircraft warning -Flag and Jackstaff -Topside Deck -Waterline security
SOPA Flag Starboard pennet
Created by: blueaura02
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