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Account Recovery (Essential Information Request) 1. I need to verify details of ownership for this account. 2. Please do your best to provide the following:
Account Recovery (Billing Information) 1. I need to verify some billing information in order to proceed with the investigation of this account. 2. Please do your best to answer the following questions regarding RP transactions made on the account:
Account Recovery (Additional Information Request) 1. Further contextual information is necessary to verify ownership of the account. 2. Please bear with me as I ask for the following information:
Reset Password (Info Verified) 1. Thanks for verifying this information for me. 2. I've requested a password reset for your account. 3. An email has been sent to the email address linked to your League of Legends account (this email) with instructions on how to recover it.
Account Sharing Warning 1. Please keep in mind that account sharing of any kind is against our Terms of Use, and any further incidences of sharing will ultimately result in account suspension. 2. As stated in our Terms of Use:
Wrong Information (Final Answer) 1. I have looked up the account in question and unfortunately the information you have provided does not match. 2. As a result, I am unable to release this account to you at this time. 3. You are more than welcome to respond to this ticket should you locate information that may be able to prove that you are the original creator of the account.
Final Recovery 1. I have submitted a password reset request for your account. 2. As your account has been recovered multiple times, this will be the final time we are a able to provide this service for you. 3. Keep in mind that account sharing is against the Terms of Use of League of Legends, and can result in the permanent suspension of your account.
Recovery Limit - Permanent Suspension 1. Unfortunately, due to the extent that this account has been compromised, I have now permanently suspended this account for suspicious activity. 2. All players are responsible for the security of their accounts, and in this case a fair warning was given during the last recovery that took place. 3. I'm sorry if this decision disappoints you, but it is final.
Deletion or Disable 1. I want to clarify the difference between deactivating an account and deleting an account. 2. Deactivating an account will leave all of your account's data in our database, but you won't be able to access the account anymore. This process is reversible. 3. Deleting the account will remove all information from the database. The account will no longer exist, and will never be accessible.
Deletion Request 1. We can delete your account and erase all personal data from our database. 2. The process takes 15 days to complete. 3. It isn't possible to recover accounts once they have been deleted, so be completely sure you want to delete your account before proceeding. 4. If you do wish to permanently delete your account, please provide me with the following information:
Disable (Step 1) 1. We can disable your account, but I want to let you know that it's fine to just leave your account active even if you don't plan on using it. 2. Once we disable an account, your username, summoner name and registration email address will remain in-use in our system and will not be available if you decide to make a new account. 3. This will not delete your account, or remove any purchased content, but it will remove your Summoner name & require you to create a new Summoner name upon logging in.
Created by: trainingsecret
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