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Glacier Huge ice sheets that cover great stretches of land.
Archaeology The study of past cultures through the things such as buildings,tools or pottery.
Prehistory The long period of time before people developed systems of writing and written language.
Domesticate To tame.
Agriculture The raising of plants and animals for human use
Surplus The extra supply
Carbon dating A method of estimating the age of something after it has died.
Harvest To gather wild plants.
Technology They way in wich humans produce the items they use.
Social division A group that does a certain type of work.
Climate The average weather conditions of places over a long span of time.
Nomad People who travel place to place with no permanent home.
Excavation site Where archeologists dig up artifacts.
Migrate Moving from one place to another
Artifacts Objects made by people long ago.
Archaeologist A person who's main task is the careful uncovering of evidence, or clues from the past.
Created by: Drew Downing