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list four of stages 1 physical 2 cognitive 3 personality 4 social
what do most child psycholgists believe about the continuity- discontinuity issue that it is a combination of both
list four good development outcome 1 Maintain relationships 2 Support his or her financially 3 Achieve responsibly in school 4 not to be a criminal
Brandy's parents are both very intelligent and so is Brandy. Is this an example of biological influence or an environmental influence? Because she being taught, isn't and from her DNA or genetics
Brandy's parents read to her every day and provide many intellectlly stimulating toys and games for her. Is this an example of biological influences or an environmental influence? . not DNA
Fetal development is a good example of A ciritical period
In terms of resilience, define a protective factor Protective factors make good development Outcome more likely
In terms of resilience, define a risk factor Risk factors are those that make Good development outcomes less like
Whether the child's development Is governed learned by patterns build for birth or whether it is shaped by experience after birth is the question of Nature versus nurture
Modern developmental mental psychologists agree that every fecet of a child's development is a product of An interaction of Nature and nurture
Lists the five Big debates in developmental psychology Nature versus nurture the goodness and badness activity and passivity universal versus context specific continuity and discontinuity
Erickson describe the eight stages of psychoSocial development
The correct sequence of Freud's five stages of development are Oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital
bronfenbrenner proposed the theory of development ecological
According to Erikson which developmental stage occupies of teenage years Identity versus role confusion
According to Freud, babies are born as unconscious beings, with the needs and drives. He called these unconscious needs and drives the Oral stage
Explain Erikson's final stage of development Eriksson's final stage of development is psychosocial. interity vs despair
Give a Brief explanation cognitive social learning theory Play is critical role in human learning behavior development obervational learing is is the most important way that humans we learn by watching other people
Define Vygotsky's sociocultural theory He believes that cognitive development is not the same universally it varies across and social historical contexts
define assimilation according to Piagt's use of the term assimilation is process by which the people understood in experition and acmmodation
Defined Accommodation according to Piaget's use of the term Accommodations referred to changes and ways of thinking understanding or behaving in response to encounter with new stimuli or events
Which of the following is the most accurate statement about Vygotsky's theory Learning is best achieved in the zone of proximal development
Lizzie's says," mommy, don't cut my sandwich in half. I don't think I can eat two." Which of Piaget's stages would you expect her to be in preoperational
In which of Piaget's stages are able to thing abstractly? Concrete operations
Gardner says that instead of asking how smart someone is you should ask which question How Are you smart
List 4 Gardner's multiple intelligences 1 liguistic 2 logical/mathematical 3 musical 4 spatial
Define object permanence Out of sight out of mind. Playing peekaboo with your child
Presents a child with two beakers full of equal amount of colored water Jimmy who is eight Years old
List two criticism of our Piaget's theory Sensorimotor stage preoperational stage
Which is most common form of moral reason in childhood according to Kohlberg? Post conventional
Kohlberg presents children with a dilemma and then asked series of questions about the players and dilemma's should or should not do. He was attempting to uncover blank behind that children's answers. Morals
Briefly states Gilligan's criticism of kohlberg Gilligan criticied Kohlberg because he was only studying teenage males
Jenny is three years old. She does not want to her brother because he hit back. which the age of Kohlberg's moral development might you expect Jenny to be at? Jenny is expected to be at stage one
George helps his father shovel the elderly neighbor's snow because his father is very please when George does his. George is expected to be at stage three
Billy above works at the Swamp group home. The group home has a policy that only workers is scheduled for each shifts. Billy Bob is expected to be at stage four
Jane learned at the Ontario government has a law that states everyone who works with people with developmental disabilities must be trained to use physical restraints. Jane is expected to be at stage 6
Infants are born with large collections of reflexes which Are physically response triggered involuntarily by specific responses
The newborn's perceptual skills are Not well developed enough to distinguish between mother and other people
What are the apgar and scale used for It is used for screening and testing
If the child's reflexes are blank, blank, or blank this indicates that there is something wrong. Lacking, week, that continues after they should have disappeared
Visual acity in newborns is mostly to be Eight To 10 inches in front of their face
Newborns can hear Only their mother's voice
Which tastes can baby's detect? Babies can taste salty, sweet, bitter and sour
A newborn can discrimantely her own mothers smell If she is breast-fed
Define habituation The ability to tune out familiar and pay attention to the novel
Define cephalocauludal development Stage of a child's development where arms and hands
Defined proximodistal development A pattern of growth and parental growth between months and birth
Define menarche The first menstruation
Define spermarcche The first ejaculation
Who is like her to experience early puberty as positive boys or girls? When boys hit early puberty it is normal than girls
Defined andropause Andropause occurs during middle age for males
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