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Enlisted Acheivements

The first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard were? Genevieve and Lucille Baker
The first five African-American females enter the SPARs in 1945 were? Olivia Hooker, D. Winifred Byrd, Julia Mosley, Yvonne Comberpatch, Aileen Cooke
Who authored Roots and The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and is a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Chief Journalist Alex P. Haley
In 1962 becomes the first SPAR E9. Master Chief Yeoman Pearl Faurie
On 01 AUG 1969, was instated as the First Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (E-10). BMCM Charles L. Calhoun
The first four rating available to women in 1972 were? Yeoman, Storekeeper, Radioman, Hospital Corpsman
When were women integrated into active duty and regular reserve? 1973
Who was the first SPAR to be sworn into the regular Coast Guard? Alice Jefferson
When were all ratings and officer career fields opened to women? 1978
In 1982 the first Chief Petty Officer Academy Class consisted of MCPOs and SCPOs. 6, 4
What does the memento plaque for the first Chief's Academy say? “We Came with the Hope That Others Might Follow”
In 1987 Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate Donald H. Horsley retires after how long? 44 years, 4 months, and 27 days
How many cutters did Master Chief Boatswain's Mate Horsley serve on? 34
In 1988, the first enlisted woman to be assigned to Officer-in_charge afloat was . Dianne Bucci
The first African-American female and first female engineer to advance to E-7 was . Pamela Autry
The first Asian American female Warrant Officer was . Grace Parmalee
The first enlisted woman is assigned as Officer-in-Charge ashore was . Krystine Carbajal
Operation Desert Shield begins with women Reservists serving in the Persian Gulf. 14
In 1992, the first Hispanic American female is advanced to E-7 was . Sonia Colon
The first person/time an enlisted member served as a member of the Coast Guard Academy Board of Trustees? Vincent Patton, 1999
was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions while serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. Marcus A. Hanna
was a two-time winner of the Gold Lifesaving Medal. Frederick Hatch
was credited with saving more than 600 lives, earning him 02 gold medals, 03 silver and other awards. Joshua James
Joshua James and his crew saved 29 people from five different vessels during one of the worst storms to hit Hull, Mass earning him his most famous gold lifesaving medal. Joshua James
This woman was bestowed with the title, The Bravest Woman in America. Ida Lewis
Ida Lewis was officially credited with saving lives earning her the lifesaving medal. 18, Gold
single-handedly rescued ten people from the grounded ship, Priscilla, on August 18, 1899. Surfman Rasmus S. Midgett
When a storm swept away every building in the community except the lighthouse in 1903, cared for over 200 people who had been left homeless. Margaret Norvell
How many marines did Douglas Munro help save on 27 SEP 1942 at Point Cruz, Guadalcanal? 500
for his actions on the Matanikau River, Guadalcanal on September 27, 1942 received the navy Cross. Raymond J. Evans
Who received the Navy Cross for their heroic actions in attempting to save the British steamer Wellington? William H. Best, Elam Russell
What cutter attempted to save the British Steamer Wellington? Seneca
Who received the Coast Guard Distinguished service medal for attempting to save the British Steamer Wellington? William L. Boyce
Who received the Silver Star for gallantry in saving the CGC Campbell from sinking after she rammed a German submarine? Chief Machinist Mate Benjamin F. Harrison
discovered and reported the first landing of German saboteurs on the U.S. coast on June 13, 1942. Surfman John A. Cullen
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