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French Monarchy

what is treason? disloyalty to the country
what is heresy? disloyalty to the church
What was Louis VI famous for? lessoned nobles power, winning respect of vassals,
Who did Louis VI marry? the niece of a pope
Who did Louis VI mainly fight? Henry I
Who was Louis VI most trusted advisor? abbot Suger
What did Abbot Suger make equal to each other? treason and heresy
who was Louis VII? son of Louis VI
Who was Louis VII's tutor? Abbot Suger
Who did Louis VII marry? Eleanor of Aquitaine
How did Louis VII make it easier for towns to get charters? Created an alliance with the guilds
Which King issued the first coinage system? Louis VII
What were Phillip II's nicknames? Augustus, the Fox, Father of France
How many counties was Phillip II in charge of? 11
What was Phillip II famous for? he completed all three things all French kings strive to do, reconquered land, unified France
What are the 3 things all French kings strive to do? Gain control of Ile de France, Be a strong king, and stay in control
What was the triangle war? King Henry II (dad), Richard (son), John(son) decide they want to attack Phillip II, but Phillip hears about it before they attack. Phillip sneakily turns the war to back fire so Richard and John will attack their dad.
what was the abduction of Margaret of Brittany? John didn't want to wait to marry Margaret so he kidnapped her. So Phillip knows that John took her. So Phillip saves Margaret and being so kind he let John go. adds Brittany
Created by: Kristenleland