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Week 4

Lower Extremity

What are the four components of the Lower Limb Hip Thigh Leg Foot
What is the lower limb specialized in? Supporting the body
What is the lower limb essential for? Locamotion
What does the lower limb sacrifice for stability? Mobility
What do lower limb attach to the axial skeleton through? Pelvic Girdle
What are the two names for the hip bone? Innominate Bone Os Coxae
What are the three bones that comprise the hip? Ilium Ishium Pubis
When does the triradiate Cartilage disapear? Age 15-17, when osification occurs.
What is the blade like structure of the hip? Ilium
What does the superior aspect of the Ilium comprise? Acetablum
Posterior aspect of the Ilium is the orgin site of... gluteal musculature
Posterior aspect of the Ilium contains... Greater and lesser sciatic notch
What makes up the posterior aspect of the acetablum... The Ishium
What is the lowest and strongest part of the hip? The Ishium
What makes up the most anterior part of the acetabulum? Pubis
What is the large hole in the hip? Obturator Foramen
What two bones form the border for the obturator foramen? Pubis and Ishium
When both hip bones are connected to the sacrum, what does that form? Bony Ring
What can teh bony ring be divided into? True and False Pelvis
What does the false pelvis hold? Abdominal muscles
The true pelvis holds the... Lowest organs i.e. gentials, bladder
True and false pelvis are seperated by... Pelvic Brim
Is the sciatic notch wider or narrow for women? Wider
Is the pubic angle narrow or wide for women? wide
Is the pelvis opening narrow or wide for women? Wide
Is the obturator foramen round or oval for men? Round
Femur Longest and heaviest bone of the body
To what bone does the femur transmit weight to? hip to the tibia
Why is the neck of the femur clinically significant? If it breaks, the life expectancy decreases
Is the posterior rough or smooth of the femur? Rough
Is the anterior of the femur smooth or rough? Smooth
Is the greater trochanter lateral or medial? Lateral
The shaft of the femur contains what? Linea Aspera, on the posterior aspect
What makes up the femoral condyles? Medial Condyle Lateral Condyle
What do the femoral condyles artuiculate with? Patella and tibia
The angle of inlcination of the femur are what in reguards to male or female? Male=greater Female=lesser
What kind of bone is the patella? Sesamoid bone
What does the patella serve to do? increase mechanical advantage in extending the knee
What does the posterior aspect of the patella contain? two facets
Is the tibia a weight-bearing bone? Yes
What on the tibia articulates with the femur? Tibial plateau
What is the distal medial projection of the tibia? Medial Maleolus
Does the fibula bear weight? No
What does the distal aspect of the fibula make up? Lateral Maleolus
What are the 3 areas of the foot? Tarplas Metatarsals Phalanges
How many bones are in each of the three regions of the foot? Tarsals-7 Metatarsals- 5 Phalanges- 14
How many total bones are in the foot? 26
What is the ankle joint also known as? ankle-mortise joint
Mortise and tendon are between what three structures? tibia fibula talus
What is the heel known as? Calcaneus bone
What does the tibia articulate with in the tarsals? Tibia
What is the navicular bone the same as in the carpals? scaphoid
What are the three cuneiforms? medial lateral intermediate
What are the seven tarsals Talus Clacaneus Navicular Cuboid 1st Cuneiform 2nd Cuneiform 3rd Cuneiform
Jones Fracture 2nd to inversion injury of the foot
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