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Week 3

Appendicular Skeleton & Joints

What is the upper extremeity composed of? Arm Perctoral Girdle Forearm Wrist/Hand
What is the pectoral girdle composed of? Scapula and Clavicle
What bony joint connects the upper limb to the rest of the skeletal system? sternoclavicular joint
What are the two end of the clavicle? Sternal and Acromial
What is the only bony articulation between the upper extremity and axial skeleton? Clavicle
Is the superior side of the clavicle smooth or rough? Smooth
Is the inferior side of the clavicle smooth or rough? Rough
What does the top 1/3 of the scapula make up? Supraspinous Fossa
What does the bottom 2/3 of the scapula make up? Inferspinous Fossa
What does the humeral head acrticulate with on the scapula? Glenoid Fossa
What does the acromion process correspond with on the spine? T2
What does the base of the spine of the scapula correspond with on the spine? T3
What does the inferior angle of the scapula correspond with on the spine?q T7
The scapula forms what three true synovial joints? Glenohumeral Joint Acromioclavicular Joint Sternoclavicular Joint
What is the articulation that the scapula forms? Thoracoscapular Articulation
What are the two tubercles of the humerus called, and where are they located? Greater Tubercle- Lateral Lesser Tubercle- Medial
What are the facets of the greater tubercle on the humerus? Supraspinatous Infraspinatous Teres Minor
What is the mid-shaft tubercle on the humerus? Deltoid Tubercle
What does the trochlea articulate with? Ulna
What does the radius articulate with? Radius
What side is the radius on? Lateral, thumbside
What side is the ulna on? Mideal, pinky side
What does the trchlear notch of the ulna fit around? Trochlea
What is the coronoid prcoess an attachment for? Brachialis muscle
What is the olecranon on the ulna an attachment site for? The tricpes muscle
What does the head of the radius articulate with? Capitulum
What attaches to the radial tuberosity of the radius? Biceps muscle
The dorsal tubercle of the radius is also known as... Lister's tubercle
The majority of carpals articulate with.... proximal row of radius
What is the synthesmosis? Membrane between the radius and ulna.
How many carpal bones are there? 8
What kind of bone is the pisiform? sesamoid bone
What two tunnels do the carpal bones form? Carpal tunnel Tunnel of Guyon
Carpal Tunnel where the median nerve and 9 tendons transit
Tunnel of Guyon Where the ulnar nerve transits
What comprises the radio carpal joint? scaphiod, lunate and distal end of radius
What number is teh thumb I
What are the parts of the metacarpals and phalanges base shaft head
Carpal Tunnel tingling or numbness of the thumb, index, middle and 1/2 the ring finger.
What may carpal tunnel be due to? repetative motion
How many bones does the hand have? 19
How many metacarpals are there? 5
How many phalanges are there? 5
What does the first digit contain that makes it unique? only a proximal and distal phalanx
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