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Body wall muscles

Body Wall Muscles

MuscleBody wall layerAction
Pectoralis Minor anterior, superior surfaces of rib 3-5 coracoid process of scapula
Pectoralis Major cartilages of ribs 2-6 body of sternum and inferror medeal protion of clavical. crest of grater tubacle and lateral lip of intertubericular groove of humerus
Cervical Longus colli Subvertebral Flexes the neck and rotates it to the opposite side, flexes the head.
Sternalis Ventral Nothing, assists with rib movement when present.
Intercostals Lateral Move and depress the ribs.
Diaphragm Lateral Increases the volume of the thoracic cavity in inspiration.
Thoracic Longus colli Subvertebral Flexes the neck and rotates it to the opposite side.
Rectus abdominis Ventral Flexes the lumbar vertebral column, helps compress the abdominal cavity.
External oblique External Lateral Helps compress the abdominal cavity, compress and depress the lower thoracic cavity to aid in expiration, rotates trunk to opposite side.
Internal oblique Intermediate(middle) lateral Strong compressor of the abdominal cavity, rotates trunk to the same side.
Transversus abdominis Internal Lateral Compresses the abdominal cavity.
Quadratus lumborum Internal Lateral(posterior) Laterallly flexes the vertebral column, extends lumbar verebrae. Fixes 12th rib to stabilize diaphragm attachments during inspiration.
Psoas major Subvertebral Extends the lumbar vertebral column (deepening the lumbar curve) to maintain posture. Powerful flexor of the hip.
Diaphragm Xiphoid process cartilages of ribs 4-10 and anterior surfaces of lumbar vertebrae. cnetral tendinous sheet.
External oblique External and inferior borders of rib 5-12 linea alba and iliac crest
Internal oblique lumbodorsal fascia and iliac crest Inferior fibs, xiphoid process and linea alba.
Transversus abdominis Cartilages of ribs 6-12 Iliac crest and lumbodorsal fascia. Linea alba and pubis
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