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Skeletal Flashcards

Skeletal system terms and questions health 2013

What is the longest bone in the body? The Femur (1/4 of total height)
What is the shortest bone in the body? The stirrup (about 1/10inch)
How many bones are in the hand? 27 bones
How many bones are in the face? 14 bones?
What is the upper jaw bone? maxilla
What is the lower jaw bone? mandible
What bones are in the hand? Carpals
What bones are in the foot? Tarsals
The skeletal system provides_______? Attachment for muscles
The skeletal system is the supporting___? framework of the body
The skeletal system ____ internal organs? Protects
The skeletal system stores__? essential minerals
The skeletal system produces___? Red blood cells
What is the outside covering/living membrane of a bone? Periosteum
What is the tough elastic tissue that covers the end the bone? Articular cartilage
Where is marrow found? In the inside of the bone
What is the inside of a bone where marrow is found? The medullary canal
What is the process by which cartilage is replaced by bone? ossification
As growth takes place, what takes the place of cartilage? bone cells
To build healthy bones you need an adequate supply of____? minerals
What minerals do your bones need specifically? Calcium and Phosphorus
To build healthy bones, you need what minerals? Vitamin D
To build healthy bones you need what? hormones
What are the five regions of the vertebral column? Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacrum, Coccyx
What is a disc that has burst? A ruptured disc
What is a disk that moves out of place from between vertebrae? A slipped disc
What is lumbar exaggeration? Lordosis
What is thoracic exaggeration? Kyphosis
What is the difference between the male and female skeleton? Women have a wider pelvis?
What are the 2 areas of the pelvic girdle? The ilium, the ischium, and the pubic bones
What is the bony deposit that forms around a fracture? A callus
What is the lubricating substance found in a joint? Synovial fluid
What are the strong bands of fiber that hold a joint together? Ligaments (connect bone to bone)
What does ROM stand for? Range of Motion
What is a point where 2 bones come together? A joint *also called an articulation
What is the joint with the largest ROM? A Ball and Socket joint
What is an example of a ball and socket joint? Hips or shoulder
What are examples of gliding joints? Vertebrae, carpals, tarsals, wrist, ankle
What are examples of a hinge joint? knee, elbow, phalanges, and jaw
What is the one immovable joint? Cranium
What is an example of a Pivot joint? Radius (AROUND the Ulna)
What is an example of a saddle joint? thumb metacarpal bone (base of the thumb)
What is an example of a partially immovable joint? where your rib cage meets your vertebrae
A joint is composed of the ___? 2 bones
Thin membranes called __ or ___ cover the ends of some bones Hyline or Articular cartilage
Other bones are cushioned with layers of pads of __? cartilage
What are the strong fibrous bands (which are flexible) that bind the bones together? Ligaments
Ligaments join with other connective tissue to form a sheath of ___? Capsule
What encloses the moveable joints? A Capsule
What are the 3 types of fractures? Green Stick, Compound, and Simple
What is a metabolic disorder where the bones lose minerals and becomes brittle? Osteoporosis
What is a lateral curvature of the spine? Scoliosis
What is a break in the bone? Fracture
Bone partially or completely broken (inside the skin!) Simple
Bone breaks and comes through the skin Compound
Bone bends, but does not break completely (Some fibers are broken) Greenstick
What are some symptoms of fractures? swelling, pain, deformity, sometimes no symptoms!
What is an injury to a ligament? Sprain
What are the 3 types of sprains? Mild, Moderate, and Severe
What is an overstretched ligament? Mild *first degree
What is a partial tear in the ligament? Moderate *second degree
What is a complete tear in the ligament? Severe *third degree
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