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Role in Armed Conflicts

During what years did the Quasi-War take place? 1798-1799
When did congress authorize the capture of armed French vessels hovering off the US coast? 28 MAY 1798
During the Quasi-War, how many prizes did our cutters capture un-aided and how many assisted prizes did we capture? 18 Un-Aided 02 Assisted
The cutter captured 10 prizes, one of which carried 44 guns and over 200 men, 03 times her own force during the Quasi-War. Pickering
During the Quasi-War, the cutter recaptured the American vessels and in a memorable fight with the French privateer . Eagle, Nancy & Mehitable, Revenge
What was the strategy used by the US during the Quasi-War to defeat the French? Conducing offensive operations in Caribbean
What role did the Coast Guard perform during the War of 1812? Augmenting the Navy with Shallow draft craft
The battle between the cutter and the caused the cuter to be run aground on Long Island where the crew dragged her guns ashore during the War of 1812. Eagle, British Brig Dispatch and accompanying sloop
How many times was the Eagle's flag shot away during the War of 1812 after she was run aground on Long Island? 3
When their ammunition was depleted, the crew of the fired back at the enemy in the War of 1812. Eagle, Ship's Logbook
One of the most hotly contested battle of the War of 1812 was between what vessels? Cutter Surveyor, British Frigate Narcissis
When did congress declare war with Mexico? 13 MAY 1846
When did Mexico declare war on the US? 23 MAY 1846
The Mexican-American War was the first time were used in a war. Steamboats
During the Mexican-American War, the cutters and delivered rifles to troops before the battles of Monterey and Buena Vista. Ewing, Legare
What operations did the Revenue Cutter Service perform during the Mexican-American War? Scouting, Convoy, Towing, Blockades, Troop and supply transport, Executing forays up the Tabasco and Alvarado Rivers, River expeditions, Mail delivery, Quelling a mutiny in Middlesex
During what years did the Civil War take place? 1861-1865
What did our cutters, not assigned to the Navy, do during the Civil War? Patrols of shipping lanes, Assisting distressed vessels at sea, Normal custom revenue duties
During the Civil War, our cutters in the Navy's service performed blockade duty along the , and . Atlantic Coast, Chesapeake bay, Potomac River
The cutter is credited with firing the first naval shots of the Civil War. Harriet Lane
In 1861 the cutter took part in the expedition to patrol for commerce raiders. Harriet Lane, Fort Sumter
The Spanish-American War took place between and . 24 APR 1898-10 DEC 1898
What medals were awarded to the crew of the Hudson for their heroic actions on 11 MAY, 1898 in Cardenas Bay, Cuba? 01 Gold medal to LT Frank Newcomb, 01 Silver medal to each officer, and 01 bronze medal to each crewmember
During the Spanish-American War, where did the cutter McCulloch serve as a dispatch and escort boat following the battle of Manila Bay? Commodore George Dewey's Asiatic Squadron
How many crew, officers, and guns did the cutter carry during the battle of Manila Bay? 95, crew, 10 officers, 06 guns, Cutter McCulloch
How many cutters joined the Atlantic Squadron and how many guns were they carrying during the Spanish-American War? 08 cutters, 43 guns
Why did Spain declare war on the US? Because the US intervened in the Spain/Cuba crisis
When did Spain declare war on the US? 24 APR 1898
Where was the peace treaty signed, ending the Spanish-American War? Paris, France
WW1 took place between and . 1917-1918
What war saw a higher percentage of Coast Guard casualties than any other service? WW1
When did the US enter WW1? 02 APR 1917
After what event did the US enter WW1? German submarines sinking 03 American vessels deliberately
The first time the entire Coast Guard was transferred to the Navy was . WW1
What 6 cutters were deployed to Gibraltar in August/September of 1917? Ossipee, Seneca, Yamacraw, Algonquin, Manning, Tampa
How many Coast Guard members were serving on the Tampa when she was sunk? 111 all were presumed dead
The six cutters deployed to Gibraltar, made up squadron of division . 2, 6
During WW1, the Treasury Dept established COTP offices in , , , and . New York-NY, Philadelphia-PA, Norfolk-VA, Sault Ste Marie-MI
What years was the Coast Guard involved in WW2? 1941-1946
On 12 SEP 1941, the cutter made the first naval capture of WW2 and she captured and . Northland, Norwegian trawler Boscoe and 03 Germans trying to set up a weather station
The Coast Guard was given the responsibility for cold weather operations in Greenland on what date? 09 APR 1941
When was the Coast Guard ordered to operate under the Navy during WW2? 01 NOV 1941
How many submarines did Coast Guard manned vessels sink during WW2? 11
The 165' cutter forced a German submarine to surface by using and using a , caused them to surrender. Icarus, Depth charges, 3" deck gun
In early 1943, the cutter sunk an enemy submarine by ramming it. Campbell
What cutter's tracking of an enemy submarine through a convoy later became part of antisubmarine force policy? Spencer
Coast Guard cutters and aircraft are credited with sinking German U-boats during WW2. 12
Douglas Munro recued a group on marines on the Manitaka River in the Guadal Canal on what date? 27 SEP 1942
How many torpedo attack survivors did the Coast Guard rescue during WW2? Over 1,500
how many survivors of the Normandy operation did the Coast Guard rescue during WW2? Over 1,500
What "rear support" services did the Coast guard provide during WW2? Port security, Dangerous cargo supervision, Vessel traffic, ATON, Ice breaking
How many Navy crosses were awarded to Coast Guardsmen for actions in WW2? 6
When did the Coast Guard return to the Treasury Dept after WW2? 01 Jan 1946
During what years was the Coast Guard involved in the Korean War? 1946-1950
In 1946 a team of Coast Guardsmen were sent to Seoul, Korea to do what? Organize, Supervise, and Train a South Korean Coast Guard
What was the Coast Guard's role in the Korean War? Marginal, Primarily one of support
During what years was the Coast Guard involved in Vietnam? 1965-1970
82' Coast Guard cutters were deployed to Vietnam for operation . 6, Market Time
How many naval gunfire support missions did the Coast Guard participate in during the Vietnam War? Nearly 6,000
How many junks and sampans did the Coast Guard board in Vietnam? Almost 250,000
How many Coast Guardsmen and cutters served in Vietnam? 8,000 Coast Guardsmen, 56 Cutters
What was done to Coast Guard cutters for use in the Vietnam War to prevent them from being easy targets in moonlight or flare light? Painted grey
During what years was the Coast Guard involved in the first Gulf War? 1990-1991
What 2 operations was the Coast Guard involved in during the first Gulf War? Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm
A total of reservists were called to active duty during the first Gulf War. 950
When did Desert Shield become Desert Storm? 17 JAN 1991
On 17 JAN 1991, a Coast Guard LEDET onboard the USS assisted in clearing platforms and took - -prisoners. Nicholas, 11 platforms, 23 prisoners
When was the cease fire called for the first Gulf War? 28 FEB 1991
How many vessels did the Coast Guard provide for Operation Iraqi Freedom? 02 378' High Endurance cutters, 01 225' Buoy tender, 08 110' Patrol boats
At the height of the operations in the second gulf War, coasties were deployed and of those deployed were reservists. 1,250, 500 reservists
For the first time in Coast Guard history, US Navy Cyclone class patrol coastal warships were employed jointly under Coast Guard command for Operation . 06, Noble Eagle
This operation took place in March of 2002 which increased Coast Guard patrols by 50% and placed armed boarding officers on every high interest vessel arriving or departing from American ports. Operation Liberty Shield
Created by: Ddsimonds
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