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ANT Chpt 8 & 9

Anatomy Chapters 8 & 9

The sarcolemma of muscle cells is equivalent to the ___ of other cells. plasma membrane
The connective tissue component that surrounds fascicles is the? perimysium
Which of the following statements about skeletal muscle tissue is NOT true? Skeletal muscle fibers contain gap junctions that help conduct action potentials from one fiber to another.
network of tubules that stores calcium = ? sarcoplasmic reticulum
pigment that stores oxygen = ? myoglobin
composed of myosin = ? thick filaments
composed of actin, tropomyosin, and troponin = ? thin filaments
tunnel-like extensions of sarcolemma = ? transverse tubules
The reddish color of slow oxidative and fast oxidative-glycolytic skeletal muscle fibers is due to? the large amount of myoglobin
You begin an intensive weightlifting plan bc you want to enter a weightlifting contest. During the activity your skeletal muscles will obtain energy (ATP) primarily through? anaerobic glycolysis
Muscle contractions are smooth, coordinated movements because of ? motor unit recruitment
When ATP in the sarcoplasm is exhausted, the muscle must rely on ___ to quickly produce more ATP from ADP for contraction. creatine phosphate
A motor unit consists of? a motor neuron and all of the muscle fibers it stimulates
Thick filaments? have myosin heads used for the power stroke.
The chemical that prevents the continuous stimulation of a muscle fiber is acetyl cholinesterase
Which of the following is NOT associated with muscle fatigue? decrease in lactic acid levels
Which of the following binds to Ca2+ ? troponin
Skeletal muscles are named using several characteristics. Which characteristic is NOT used to name skeletal muscles? speed of contraction
Arrange the following in the correct order for skeletal muscle fiber contraction. (Chapter 8 #16) 3, 4, 1, 2, 5, 6
What would happen if ATP were suddenly unavailable after the sarcomere had begun to shorten? The myosin heads would be unable to detach from actin.
extends from the thick filaments = ? myosin heads
contain myosin-binding sites = ? actin molecules
dense area of protein that separates sarcomeres = ? z discs
contain acetylcholine A band
striated zone of the sarcomere composed of thick and thin filaments = ? synaptic vesicles
space between axon terminal and the sarcolemma = ? synaptic cleft
striated zone of the sarcomere composed of thin filaments only = ? I band
region of sarcolemma near the adjoining axon terminal = ? motor end plate
extends and laterally rotates thigh at the hip joint = ? gluteus maximus
adducts, rotates, and flexes thigh at the hip joint = ? adductor longus
compresses abdomen and flexes vertebral column = ? rectus abdominis
flexes leg at knee joint and extends thigh at hip joint = ? hamstring group
flexes and abducts wrist joint = ? flexor carpi radialis
extends phalanges extensor digitorum
flexes, adducts, and rotates arm medially at shoulder joint = ? pectoralis major
extends leg at the knee and flexes thigh at hip joint = ? quadriceps femoris group
plantar flexes foot at ankle joint and flexes leg at knee joint = ? gastrocnemius
dorsiflexes and inverts foot = ? tibialis anterior
abducts, flexes, extends, and rotates arm at shoulder joint = ? deltoid
dependent on contracting fibers; can elevate clavicle, depress or elevate scapula = ? trapezius
elevates mandible; closes mouth = ? masseter
wrinkles skin of forehead horizontally as in a look of surprise = ? frontal belly of occipitofrontalis
extends, adducts, and rotates arm medially at shoulder joint; draws arm downward and backward = ? latissimus dorsi
flexes and supinates forearm at elbow joint = ? biceps brachii
works with prime mover to reduce unnecessary movement = ? synergist
muscle in a group that contracts to produce desired movement = ? prime mover
stationary end of a muscle = ? origin
muscle that has an action opposite to that of another muscle = ? antagonist
helps stabilize the origin of the prime mover = ? fixator
the end of a muscle attached to the movable bone = ? insertion
Which of the following are incorrectly matched? autonomic nervous system: includes parasympathetic, sympathetic, an denteric divisions
consists of one fused dendrite and axon = ? unipolar neuron
found primarily in the sensory organs such as the eye and ear = ? bipolar neuron
most common neuron in the CNS = ? multipolar neuron
contains several dendrites and one axon = ? multipolar neuron
dendrite functions as a sensory receptor for touch, temperature and pain = ? unipolar neuron
consists of one dendrite and one axon = ? bipolar neuron
The release of neurotransmitters from the synaptic vesicles is dependent on the presence of ___ in the synaptic end bulb. calcium
The type of cell that produces myelin sheaths around axons in the CNS is the? oligodendrocyte
White matter in the CNS is a ? tract
Which of the following is NOT true concerning the repair of nervous tissue? If the cell body is not damaged, neurons the in the CNS may be able to repair themselves.
In a resting neuron the sodium-potassium pumps help maintain the low concentration of Na+ inside the cell.
In the depolarization phase of a nerve impulse, voltage-gated ion channels open, resulting in a(n)? rush of Na+ into the neuron.
If a stimulus is strong enough to generate an action potential, the impulse generated is of a constant size. A stronger stimulus cannot generate a larger impulse. This is known as? the all-or-none principle
Place the following events in the correct order of occurrence: Chapter 8 (#10) 3, 1, 4, 5, 2
Saltatory conduction occurs at the nodes of Ranvier
The speed of nerve impulse conduction is increased by myelination
For a signal to be transmitted by means of a chemical synapse from a presynaptic neuron to a postsynaptic neuron the postsynaptic neuron must contain neurotransmitter receptors
What would happen at the postsynaptic neuron if the total inhibitory effects of the neurotransmitters were greater than the total excitatory effects? No nerve impulse would be generated.
inhibitory amino acid in the CNS = ? GABA
a gaseous neurotransmitter that is not packaged into synaptic vesicles = ? nitric oxide
excitatory amino acid in the CNS = ? glutamate
body's natural painkillers = ? endorphins
helps regulate mood and sleep = ? serotonin
neurotransmitter that activates skeletal muscle fibers = ? acetylcholine
the portion of a neuron containing the nucleus = ? cell body
rounded structure at the distal end of an axon terminal = ? synaptic end bulb
highly branched, input part of a neuron = ? dendrite
sac in which neurotransmitter is stored = ? synaptic vesicles
neuron located entirely within the CNS = ? interneuron
long, cylindrical process that conducts impulses toward another neuron = ? axon
produces myelin sheath in PNS = ? Schwann cell
unmyelinated gap in the myelin sheath node of Ranvier
substance that increases the speed of nerve impulse conduction = ? myelin sheath
neuron that conveys information from a receptor to the CNS = ? sensory neuron
neuron that conveys information from the CNS to an effector = ? motor neuron
bundle of many axons in the PNS = ? nerve
bundle of many axons in the CNS = ? tract
group of cell bodies in the PNS = ? ganglion
group of cell bodies in the CNS = ? nucleus
substance used for communication at chemical synapses = ? neurotransmitter
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