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SS Unit 2 Les 5 & 6

lessons 5-6 NW Passage and French Colonies

Northwest Passage a shortcut by water that Europeans wanted to find to link the Atlantic to the Pacific
John Cabot Italian explorer who sailed for England to find NW Passage-found great fishing off coast of Newfoundland
Giovanni de Verrazano sailed for France to find NW Passage but found Hudson River
merchant company group of business people who share the costs of a trading voyage to make a profit
Henry Hudson English sea captain hired by the Dutch East India Company to find the NW Passage
70 miles wide How wide Hudson believed North America was
Hudson Bay where Hudson was traveling but thought he was traveling across North America
Jacques Cartier Frenchman who claimed a peninsula near the St. Lawrence River for France- called it Canada
Samuel de Champlain sent by the French after Cartier and made governor of New France- set up a fur-trading post in Quebec
allies people who work together towards a common goal
Iroquois group of Native Americans who fought against Champlain
voyageurs fur trappers who received permits for trapping from the French leaders
Why was the growth of New France slow? many non-Catholics settled in English colonies for more religious freedom
Brule a young Frenchman who first explored four of the Great Lakes and lived among the Native Americans
Nicolet French explorer who found Lake Michigan and lived among the Native Americans
English colonies non-Catholics joined these because the King of France only allowed Catholics
Created by: murphannie