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unit five medical terminology

combining forms cardi/o heart
combining forms col/o colon
combining forms dermat/o skin
combining forms endocrin/o endocrine glands
combining forms enter/o intestines
combining forms esthesi/o sensation
combining forms gastr/o stomach
combining forms ger/o old age
combining forms gynec/o woman, female
combining forms hemat/o blood
combining forms iatr/o treatment
combining forms laryng/o voice box
combining forms lymph/o lymph
combining forms nephr/o kidney
combining forms neur/o nerve
combining forms nos/o disease
combining forms obstetr/o midwife
combining forms odont/o tooth
combining forms onc/o tumor
combining forms opthalm/o, opt/o, optic/o eye
combining forms orth/o straight
combining forms ot/o ear
combining forms path/o disease
combining forms ped/o child
combining forms psych/o mind
combining forms pulmon/o lung
combining forms radi/o x-rays
combining forms rect/o rectum
combining forms rheumat/o flow, fluid
combining forms rhin/o nose
combining forms thorac/o chest
combining forms ur/o urinary tract
combining forms vascul/o blood vessels
residency programs anesthiology administration of agents capable of bringing about a loss of sensation
residency programs dermatology diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders
residency programs emergency medicine care of patients that requires sudden and immediate action
residency programs family practice primary care of all members of the family on a continuing basis
residency programs internal medicine diagnosis and treatment of usually complex, nonsurgical disorders in adults
residency programs opthalmology diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders
residency programs pathology diagnosis of the cause and nature of disease
residency programs pediatrics diagnosis and treatment of children's disorders
residency programs psychiatry diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the mind
residency programs radiology diagnosis using x-ray studies including ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
residency programs surgery treatment by manual or operative methods
medical specialists allergist hypersensitivity reactions
medical specialists anesthesiologist administration of medicatons to prevent pain
medical specialists cardiologist heart disease
medical specialists cardiovascular surgeon surgery on heart and blood vessels
medical specialists colorectal surgeon colon and rectum
medical specialists dermatologist skin disorders
medical specialists emergency practitioner endocrine gland disorders
medical specialists endocrinologist endocrine gland disorders
medical specialists family practitioner primary care and treatment of families
medical specialists gastroenterologist stomach and intestine
medical specialists geriatrician old age
medical specialists gynecologist female reproductive disorders
medical specialists hematologist blood
medical specialists hospitalist general medical care of hospitalized patients
medical specialists infectious disease specialist duh
medical specialists internist comprehensive care for adults
medical specialists nephrologist kidney disease
medical specialists neurologist nerve disorders
medical specialists neurosurgeon brain, spinal cord, nerves
medical specialists obstetrician pregnany women, babies
medical specialists oncologist malignant and benign tumors
medical specialists ophthalmologist eye disorders
medical specialists orthopedist bone, muscle and joints
medical specialists otolarnygologist ear, nose and throat
medical specialists pathologist cells
medical specialists pediatrician children
medical specialists physiatrist restore function of illness
medical specialists pulmonologist lungs
medical specialists radiologist x-rays to determins diagnosis; ultrasound, MRI and other nuclear medicine studies
medical specialists radiation oncologist treatment of disease with high energy radiation
medical specialists rheumatologist joints and muscles
medical specialists thoracic surgeon chest organs
medical specialists urologist surgery on urinary tract; male reproductive
Created by: mrsbud