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unit four medical terminology

combining form abdomin/o abdomen
combining form an/o anus
combining form bi/o life
combining form cardi/o heart
combining form carp/o carpals
combining form cis/o to cut
combining form cost/o ribs
combining form crani/o skull
combining form cutane/o skin
combining form dur/o dura mater
combining form gen/o to produce, to begin
combining form glyc/o sugar
combining form hemat/o blood
combining form later/o side
combining form men/o menses
combining form nat/i birth
combining form neur/o nerve
combining form norm/o rule, order
combining form oste/o bone
combining form peritone/o peritoneum
combining form plas/o formation, growth, development
combining form ren/o kidney
combining form scapul/o scapula
combining form son/o sound
combining form thyroid/o thyroid gland
combining form top/o to put, place or position
combining form troph/o development, nourishment
combining form urethr/o urethra
combining form uter/o uterus
combining form ven/o vein
combining form vertebr/o vertebra
suffixes -al pertaining to
suffixes -ation process / condition
suffixes -cision process of cutting
suffixes -crine secretion
suffixes -dipsia thirst
suffixes -emia blood condition
suffixes -gen to produce
suffixes -graphy process of recording
suffixes -ia condition
suffixes -ic, -ine pertaining to
suffixes -ism condition, process
suffixes -lapse to fall, slide
suffixes -lysis loosening / destruction
suffixes -meter to measure
suffixes -mission to send
suffixes -mortem death
suffixes -oma tumor, mass
suffixes -ous pertaining to
suffixes -partum birth
suffixes -pathy disease condition
suffixes -phagia eating
suffixes -phasia speach
suffixes -plasia formation (condition)
suffixes -plasm formation (tissues)
suffixes -plegia paralysis
suffixes -pnea breathing
suffixes -rrhea flow, discharge
suffixes -scopy process of visual examination
suffixes -section to cut
suffixes -stasis to stand, place, stop controll
suffixes -tension pressure
suffixes -thesis to put, place
suffixes -tic pertaining to
suffixes -trophy nourishment, development
suffixes -um structure
suffixes -uria urinary conditon
suffixes -y process, condition
prefixes a-, an- no, not, without
prefixes ab- away from
prefixes ad- toward, near
prefixes ana- up, apart
prefixes ante- before, forward
prefixes anti- against
prefixes bi- two, both
prefixes brady- slow
prefixes con- with, together
prefixes dia- complete, through
prefixes dys- bad, painfull, difficult
prefixes ec- out, outside
prefixes endo- withing, inner
prefixes epi- above, upon
prefixes ex- out
prefixes extra- outside of
prefixes hemi- half
prefixes hyper- excessive, too much
prefixes hypo- deficient, below
prefixes in- in, into
prefixes inter- between
prefixes intra- within
prefixes mal- bad
prefixes meta- change, beyond
prefixes neo- new
prefixes para- beside, near
prefixes peri- surrounding
prefixes poly- many, much
prefixes post- after, behind
prefixes pre- before
prefixes pro-, pros- forward
prefixes quadri- four
prefixes re-, retro- back, behind
prefixes sub- under, less than
prefixes syn- with, together
prefixes tachy- fast
prefixes trans- across, through
prefixes tri- three
prefixes ultra- beyond
prefixes uni- one
anemias aplastic anemia bone marrow fails to produce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets
anemias hemolytic anemia red blood cells are destryoed and bone marrow can not compensate
anemias iron deficiency anemia low iron levels because of low hemoglobin concentration or deficiency of red blood cells
anemias pernicious anemia mucous membrane of stomach fails to produce intrinsic factor for B12 absorption and formation of RBC's
anemias sickle cell anemia erythrocytes assume an abnormal or crescent shape
endoscopy procedures arthroscopy joint
endoscopy procedures bronchoscopy bronchial tubes
endoscopy procedures colonoscopy colon
endoscopy procedures cytoscopy urinary bladder
endoscopy procedures espohagogastroscopy esophagus and stomach
endoscopy procedures hysteroscopy uterus
endoscopy procedures laprosropy abdomen
endoscopy procedures laryngoscopy larynx
endoscopy procedures mediastinoscopy mediastenum
endoscopy procedures sigmoidoscopy sigmoid colon
endocrine glands and hormones adrenal adrenaline, epinephrine
endocrine glands and hormones ovaries estrogen, progesterone
endocrine glands and hormones pancreas insulin
endocrine glands and hormones parathyroid parathyroidhormone (PTH)
endocrine glands and hormones pituitary gland adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) growth hormone (GH) thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
intensive care units MICU medical intensive care unit
intensive care units MSICU medical / surgical intensive care unit
intensive care units PICU pediatric intensive care unit
intensive care units SICU surgical intensive care unit
syndromes & signs and symptoms acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) severe infectons, malignancies, GI disturbances
syndromes & signs and symptoms carpal tunnel syndrome pain, tingeling, burning numbness of the hands and fingers
syndromes & signs and symptoms downs syndrome extra chromosome
syndromes & signs and symptoms mitral valve prolapse syndrome abnormal heart sounds (murmurs) that indicate mitral valve is not closing properly
syndromes & signs and symptoms toxic shock syndrome high fever, vomitting, rash, hypotension caused by bacterial infection of vagina caused by tampons
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