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Word Parts 2

aden gland, glandular
oma tumor, a swelling
adenoma a swelling of the glands
anti against
toxic poison
antitoxic against poison
ophthalm eye
ology study of, science of
opthalmology the study of the eye
chole bile, gallbladder
cyst bladder, bag, sac
ectomy surgical removal of
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gallbladder
endo within, innermost
cardi pertaining to the heart
itits inflammation, inflammation of
endocarditis inflammation within the heart
gastro stomach
enter intestine
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach intestine
septic poison, rot, infection
emia blood
septicemia infection of the blood
olig few, less than normal, small
uria urine
oliguria less than normal urine
bronch air tubes in lungs
bronchitis inflammation of the air tubes in the lungs
homo same, like
geneous kind, type
homogeneous the same type
arterio artery
sclerosis dryness or hardness
arteriosclerosis dryness/hardness of the arteries
dys difficult, pain, bad
meno monthly, menstruation
orrhea flow, discharge
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation flow
angio vessel
pathy disease, abnormal condition
angiopathy disease of blood vessels
blepharo eyelid
rrhaphy suture of, sewing up of a gap or defect
blepharorrhaphy sewing up a gap or defect in eyelid
urethro uretra (tube from bladder to urinary meatus)
urethrocystitis inflammation of the bladder uretra
pneumon lung, pertaining to the lungs, air
melan black
osis condition, state, process
pneumnomelanosis condition of black lungs
para near, beside, beyond, abnormal, lower half of the body
osteo bone
arthro joint
paraosteoarthropathy abnormal bone joint disease
salpingo tube, fallopian tube
oophoro ovary, female egg cell
cele swelling, tumor, cavity, hernia
salpingo-oophorocele swelling of the ovary in the fallopian tube
idio peculiar to an individual
path disease, abnormal condition
ic pertaining to
thrombo clot, thrombus
cyto cell
penia lack of, abnormal reduction
idiopathic thrombocytopenia abnormally low level of platelets in the blood
narco sleep, numb, stupor
epi upon, over, upper
lepsy seizure, convulsion
narcoepilepsy a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings
post after, behind
partum birrth, labor
postpartum after labor
herni rupture
rrhaphy suture of, sewing up of a gap or defect
herniorrrhaphy surgical operation for the correction of a hernia
derma pertaining to the skin
cyan blue
dermacyanosis the condition of blue skin
thorac thorax, chest
esis condition of
thoracentesis removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
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