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PSAT Vocab 14

adulterate to make impure by adding lesser substances; to corrupt
animosity harsh feelings, enmity, resentment, hatred
apocryphal of doubtful origin or authenticity, not genuine
avarice greed for wealth
coalesce to merge, to fuse, to join, or to unite
collaborate to work together
cryptic mysterious, secret
desultory jumping around, aimless, random
dissipation wasteful spending, squandering
edifying instructing & improving spiritually or morally
equivocate to attempt to lie, to mislead, or to hide the truth
espousing marrying, giving one's loyalty; adopting or embracing a cause
hedonist one who seeks pleasure as the sole aim in life
indefatigable tireless, incapable of being fatigued
interminable having or seeming to have no end, wearisomely protracted
naive unsophisticated
parody humorous or ridiculous imitation
peripheral on the edge, not important
portent a sign or forewarning
prodigious extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree, great in size, enormous
profane showing contempt toward sacred things
respite a rest, a delay, a period of relief
sordid filthy, foul
surfeited fed or supplied to excess
trifling not significant, frivolous
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