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Holocaust History

Judengasse Jew Alley (ghetto)
1614 Frankfurt Riots Local guilds upset over small economic matters; blame on Jews
Mayor Amschel Rothschild Set up own business and developed relationship with prince of Hessia
Moses Mendelssohn The German Jewish Enlightenment. Shape ideas of acculturation and assimilation.
January 1933 Hitler becomes chancellor
Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service 1933 Legalized discrimination of Jews
Nuremberg Laws 1935 Distinction between citizens and Jews, no marriage between Jews and non-Jews, racial passports required
March 1938 Hitler annexes Austria, "Anschluss"
1938 Krystalnaht Goerbbels sees this as excuse for systematic excuse for destruction of German property
Count Arthur d Gobineau Developed theory of Aryan master race
Positive Eugenics Look for desirable traits and incentivize people with those traits to mate with each other
Negative Eugenics Isolate those with undesirable traits to prevent them from being passed on
Heinrich Himmler Talks of "gypsy nuisance." Porajmos is the gypsy holocaust. Reichsfuhrer SS. Established racial cult within SS.
Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen Speaks out against T-4 program
Wewelsberg Castle Center of S.S. cult
Josef Mengele "Angel of Death," S.S. garrison physician at Auschwitz. Carried out cruel medical experiments on prisoners
Adolf Eichmann The "banality of evil." Coordinated transportation for trains carrying Jewish prisoners to camps. "Desk murderer"
Lebensborn To assist racially pure mothers and children.
Gestapo Secret State Police. Enforce laws. Relied on people giving them info.
Reich Security Main Office (RSHA) Created in 1939 to combat all enemies of the Reich inside and outside Germany
Enabling Act of 1933 Gave police unrestricted power
Fuhrer Order No law more powerful. Spoken order or indication that Hitler had.
Otto Ohlendorf 1941 placed in charge of security squad, commanded Einsatzgruppe D
October 1940 Warsaw Ghetto established
September 1939 WWII begins with the Nazi invasion of Poland
Operation Barbarossa No mercy or respect for international law. War crimes against the Soviets will not be punished.
June 22, 1941 Germans invade USSR
March 1944 Germany occupies Hungary
Top Hungarian Collaborators Laszlo Endre and Andur Jaross
Raoul Wallenberg Swedish diplomat stationed in Budapest. Gave passports to Jews so that they would receive better treatment in an international ghetto.
Sara Schalkahaz Catholic religious sister who helped to hide Jews
Ukrainian Auxiliary Police Take psychological pressure off of Germans by doing dirty work. Murder squads and shooting under German command.
The Hunger Plan Economic management plan for occupied Ukraine to feed German soldiers
Polish Home Army Help in 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Underground army
Ukrainian Insurgent Army Created 1943. Guerrilla army of most radical nationalists
Raphael Lemkin Coined the phrase "genocide"
S.S. St. Lewis Ship with Jewish refugees turned away by America
The Kindertransport Jewish children come to Britain without parents
Evian Conference 1938 Set up by League of Nations. Most countries just agree to stop accepting refugees. Don't want to provoke a war with Germany.
World Jewish Congress 1936 Focus on situation of refugees. Lobby different governments to allow more Jews and raise funds. President is Rabbi Stephen S. Wise.
Rieger Telegram 1942 Tells of chemicals used in murders (gas chambers)
Jan Karski Sneaks into Warsaw ghetto and into death camp. Brings information to Britain.
Rudolf Kasztner Hungarian Jew, Zionist, negotiated with Eichmann for Jewish lives. Bribes with money.
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