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Service Connection;disability comepnsation

compensation usually related to service-connected disabilities
pension referring to an income based benefit for veterans who served during a period of war and who are totally disabled from or who die from causes not related to service.
service connection the relationship of a particular disabling condition to the veterans service. accomplished by showing that a condition began during service(incurrence) or that a pre-existing condition was made permanently aggravated,
which form is used for service connected disability compensation? VA form 21-526 Veterans application for compensation or pension, with medical and other supporting evidence
when can an app. for service connected d/a comp. be an application for non-service connected disability pension? if the veteran served during wartime and if he/she completes the portions of the applications pertaining to total disability and to family income and net worth.
What is an incurred disability? may have been directly caused by service, or may be the remote result of some incident of service, or may have begun coincident with service.
in an incurred disability, is it required to be diagnosed during service or shown on service records? no, only that the evidence taken as a whole shows that the condition must have begun during service or was the result of service or some incident thereof
a pre-existing disability which becomes permanently worse during service will be held to have been? aggravated by service
when is a pre-existing disability not considered aggravated? when there is a specific finding that the increased severity is the result of the conditions natural progress.38cfr3.306
what is a direct service connection? service connection based on either incurrence or aggravation during service
when can direct service connection be established? only for a chronic or permanent disability
service connection may not be established for any condition unless it is shown in the service records false. 38cfr 3.303d
cite the regulation which defines the level of severity required to establish service connection for hearing loss 38CFR 3.385
is asthma a disease which can be service connected if shown within one year after service even though there is no evidence of it in the service record no 38cfr 3.309a
a person is considered to be healthy and in sound condition when entering service except for those defects actually shown on the entrance examination. This is called presumption of soundness, 38usc1111
if a pre-existing condition becomes symptomatic during or immediately after combat or while the veteran is a POW, that condition will have been aggravated true, 38cfr 3.306b2
all veterans who served in Vietnam or the waters offshore during the Vietnam era are considered to have been exposed to herbicides true, 38cfr3.307a6iii
A veteran is rated 30% for a heart condition,20% for a knee condition and 10% for hearing loss. His combined evaluation is 50%, 38 cfr 4.25
Can service connection be established for an injury suffered by a veteran while in a program of vocational rehabilitation? no but compensation may be payable, 38cfr 3.800
What is the presumptive period for diseases specific to former prisoners of war? lifetime, 38cfr 3.12ad4
is there a minimum length of service requirement for direct service connection? no, 38cfr 3.12 ad4
what is the minimum combined evaluation for which additional compensation for dependents may be paid 30%, 38cfr 3.4 b2
what is presumptive period for MS? 7 yrs., 38cfr 3.307a3
what is the presumptive period for lung cancer for a Vietnam veteran? lifetime, 38cfr 3.307a6iii
which of the following dental conditions may be service connected for compensations purposes? none, 38cfr 3.381
for a veteran who was exposed to ionizing radiation in the course of his or her regular duties, only those conditions listed in the 38CFR 3.311b2 may be recognized as having been caused by radiation exposure false, 38cfr 3.311b4
a veteran is rated 30% for a combat injury to the left arm and 30% for a combat injury of the right arm. He is unable to work because of the these injuries.does he meet the requirements for rating of total disability because of individual unemployability? yes, 38cfr4.16 a, 4.25, and 4.26
what is the term used when a particular condition is not listed in the rating schedule so VA uses the rating criteria for another condition that affects the same body system and has similar symptomatology? analogous rating, 38cfr 4.20
when the service connection by aggravation is established for a pre-existing condition the pre-service severity of the condition must be deducted from the current severity to determine the level of compensation payable true, 38cfr 3.322,4.22
what is the minimum length of service requirement for entitlement to consideration under the presumptive provisions of the law 90 days, 38cfr 3.307 a 1
which of the following diseases may not be presumed to be the result of herbicide exposure in a Vietnam veteran? colorectal cancer, 38 cfr 3.309e
what is the ending date for presumptions of service connection for undiagnosed illnesses in a gulf war veteran? 9/30/2011 PL 107-103
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