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Medical Terninology

Section A & B

Crani pertaining to skull
otomy cutting into
Craniotomy cutting into the skull
dys difficult,painful,bad
uria urine
dysuria painful urine
hyster uterus
ectomy surgical removal
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
hemo blood
toxic poison
hemotoxic blood poison
peri around
card(i,ia,io) pertaining to the heart
itis inflamation
leuko white
cyt(e) cell
leukocyte white cell
chloe bile galbladder
cyst bladder,bag
chloecystitis inflamation of the bladder
tachy rapid fast
tachycardia heart is beating rapidly
neur nerve,nervous system
algia pain
neuralgia nerve pain
poly many,much
emia blood
polycytumia many blood cells
brady slow
bradycardia the heart is beating slow
gastr stomach
gastrectomy surgical removal of the stomach
mening memberances covering the brain
meningitis inflamations of the membrances that cover the brain
neo new
pathy disease abnormal condition
neopathy new disease abnormal condition
dermat pertaining to skin
ologist person who does studies
procto rectum,rectal,anvs
scope examining instructions
carcin cancer,malignancy
oma tumor,a swelling
electro electrical
encephaio brain
graph diagram instrument for recording
osteo bone
malacia softening of a tissue
osteomalacia softening of a bone's tissue
para near,beside,beyond,abnormal,lower half of body
plegia paralysis
paraplegia paralysis of the lower half of body
py pus
pyuria pus urine
acro extremeities
megaly large,enlarged
acromegaly large extremeitis
geront old age,elderly
gerontology person who studies old age
phagia to eat consuming,swallow
dysphagia painful swallow
hydro water
cele swelling,tumor,cavity,hernia
hydrocele water tumor
aden gland,glandular
oma tumor,a swelling
anti against
opthalm eye
ology study of
endo within,inttermost
enter intestine
hypo decreased,low,under,less than under
giyc sugar
septic poison,rot,infection
olig few less,less than normal,small
bronch air tubes in lungs
homo same as like
generous kind,type
arterio artery
scierosis drysness or hardness
meno pertaining to the mouth
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