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9 weeks exam history

5 themes of geography? location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, region
prehistory? time before events were recorded
neolithic agricultural revolution? changing from gathering/hunting to farming
environmental changes w/ immediate impact on ancient civilizations volcanic eruptions, overfarming, drought, famine
old kingdom- pharaohs, pyramids, collapsed cuz of power struggles, crop failures, and cost of pyramids
middle kingdom- nile didnt flood a lot, corruption and rebellion, traded, hyksos took over part for 100 years, egypt pushed them out and created the new kingdom
new kingdom- large empires, age of conquest, ramses119most powerful),
menes- united upper and lower egypt
ramses 11- most powerful pharaoh
hatsheput- woman pharaoh
tut- minor kind, 18
economy of sumerian city-states?
what defines meso.? tigris and euphrates surround it
what did meso.use to build w/? dry clay bricks
technologival achievements? wheeled vehicles, first writing, number system, calendar
what temple/shrine did meso. have? ziggurats
what writing did meso. use? cuneiform
sargon- ruler of akkad, conquered sumer, first empire builder
hammurabi- king of babylon, code, powered meso., making babylonia
assyrians- harsh warriors
capital of assyria? ninevah
assurbanipal- ruler of assyrians, built first library of cuneiform tablets
how did assyria decrease? neighboring cities worked together to bring them down
nebuchadneezar- hanging gardens, revived babylon
persian empire- conquered babylon, nice invaders
darius- unified persian empire, divided into provinces w/ a ruler for each, weights and measures,
phoenecians- sailors and tradors, glass, purple dye, alphabet, carriers of civilization,
when did isrealites become jews? babylonian captivity, nebuchadneezar
abraham- founded isrealite nation
david- king, united feuding tribes
solomon- davids son, very wise,
cyrus- freed jews
dead sea scrolls? parts of the torah found near the sea
shang dynasty- viewed rulers as link to gods
zhou dynsaty- overthrew shang, mandate of heaven, feudalism,
Created by: kate_s
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