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Primary Sources

Learning the author from the titles

Regula St. Benedict of Nursia
Letter to William of Aquitaine Fulbert of Chartres
Agreement between Lord and Vassal Hugh of Lusignan
Investiture Conflict / Correspondence Gregory VII
Investiture Conflict / Excommunication of _________ Gregory VII / Henry IV
Letter to All the Faithful in Germany / Account of Canossa Gregory VII
Letters / Renunciation of Bishops Henry IV
_____ declares to his Princes (I.C.) Henry IV
Accounts of Crusade / account of Baldwin I first King of Jerusalem Fulcher of Chartres
Accounts of Crusade / Jew from Mainz Solomon Bar Simson
Accounts of Crusade / mesopotamian intellectual, muslim perspective Ibn Al-Athir
Accounts of Crusade / child of Byzantine Emperor Anna Comnena
Waldensians (founder of) Peter Waldo
The Life of Christina of St. Trond, Called Christina Mirabilis Thomas de Cantimpré
Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council Pope Innocent III
Testimony of BĂ©atrice de Planissoles Jacques Fournier
Las Siete Partidas King Alfonso X (written under his reign, but he probably didn't write it)
Magna Carta King John and his Barons
Life of Saint Louis Joinville
Defensor Pacis Marsilius of Padua
The Golden Bull Emperor Charles IV (under his reign)
Voyage to the East John de Plano Carpini
On the Harmony of Religion and Philosophy Ibn Rushd (Averroes)
Summa Contra Gentiles Thomas Aquinas
Causa et Curae Hildegard of Bingen
Histories (c. 1048) Raoul Glaber (on history, ethnocentrism, feudalism?, etc.)
Didascalicon Hugh of St. Victor
The Formation of a Commune at Laon Guibert of Nogent
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