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Limbic System

Limbic System- Neuro Test 2

The limbic system includes nuclei & tracts along the border between the ________ & _________. Cerebrum & Diencephalon
The limbic system includes portions of these 3 structures: 1. Cerebrum 2. Diencephalon 3. Mesencephalon
Functions of the limbic system: 1. Emotional states 2. Linking conscious & intellectual functions of the CEREBRAL CORTEX ---> to the unconscious & autonomic functions of the BRAIN STEM. 3. Memory storage & retrieval
These cortexes ALLOW you to perform tasks Sensory, motor and association areas of the cerebral cortex-- THE LIMBIC SYSTEM MAKES YOU WANT TO DO THESE TASKS
Where are AMYGDALOID BODIES located? At the tail end of the caudate nucleus --It is a cerebral contribution to the limbic system
The amygdaloid body appears to act as an INTERFACE between what systems? 1. The Limbic System 2. The cerebrum 3. The Various sensory systems
Amygdaloid bodies play a role in: - _____________________ - Control of _________________ - Linking __________ with ____________. - Regulation of heart rate -Control of flight/fight response - Links emotions to specific memories
What lobe consists of GYRI and underlying structures adjacent to the diencephalon? The Limbic Lobe
The Gyri of the limbic lobe curve along the _________________ and onto the __________ surface of ________________. 1. The Corpus Callosum 2. Medial surface of the Temporal Lobe
The cingulate gyrus sits ___________ to what? Sits superior to the corpus callosum.
What lies adjacent to the PARAHIPPOCAMPAL GYRUS? The Dentate Gyrus
2 structures conceal the hippocampus. Name them. 1. Parahippocampal Gyrus 2. Dentate Gyrus
The hippocampus is a nucleus __________ to the floor of _________________. Inferior to the floor of the left ventricle
The parahippocampal gyrus + the Dentate gyrus conceal what structure? The hippocampus
The hippocampus is important for what function? LEARNING--> Especially new long term memories
A tract of white matter that connects the hippocampus with the hypothalamus The Fornix
The fornix curves _______ & _______ with many of its fibers ending in _____________ _________. 1. Medially & inferiorly 2. Ending in Mamillary bodies
The fornix connects what 2 structures? 1. Hippocampus 2. Hypothalamus
The mamillary bodies process what kind of information? Give an example. Sensory information-- including olfactory sensations
Mamillary bodies also contain what kind of nuclei? These control _______ ______ associated with ________. Examples = - Motor Nuclei - Control reflex movements - Eating Ex: Chewing, licking, swallowing
The Anterior Nucleus of the thalamus is associated with _______ ______. Hypothalamic centers
These hypothalamic centers are responsible for what? EMOTIONS--> Involving Rage, Pain, Fear, sexual arousal, Pleasure.
Stimulation of the hypothalamus in association with the limbic system can also be caused by ____________________. Reticular Formation
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