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Reticular System

Reticular System-Neuro test 2

Reticular Formation runs through the central core of what 3 structures? 1. Medulla 2. Pons 3. Midbrain
It consists of loosely clustered neurons in _______ ______. White Matter
Forms __ Columns. 3
Name the 3 columns formed by reticular formations Raphe Nuclei (MIDLINE) Group of Nuclei (MEDIAL & LATERAL)-- Laterally on each side of Raphe Nuclei. These run the length of the brainstem
Because of their long branching axons, _______ reticular neurons project to ________ _______ _______. 1. Singular 2. Widely separated regions
These singular reticular neurons project to where? 1. Thalamus 2. Cerebellum 3. Spinal Cord **This makes reticular neurons ideal for governing the arousal of the brain as a WHOLE **
Certain reticular neurons send a continuous stream of impulses to the ________ through _____________________. 1. Cerebrum 2. Relays in the thalamus
This maintains the cerebral cortex in an alert, conscious state Reticular Activating System (RAS)
What is the function of the RAC? (Reticular Activating System) - Maintain consciousness + alertness - Functions in sleep + arousal in sleep
Axons from all great ascending _______ tracts ______ on RAS neurons. 1. Sensory Tracts 2. Synapse
The synapses between the axons and RAS neurons keep the reticular neurons ______ & enhances their arousing affect on the _________. 1. Active 2. Cerebrum
Stimuli that keeps us awake and mentally alert - Visual - Auditory - Touch
Reticular Formation has a _________ _______. Motor Division
The motor division sends axons to the ______ _____. Spinal Cord
These axons of the motor division control what? - Control of skeletal muscles during coarse movements of the limbs - Some regulate visceral functions (Heart rate, BP, respiration)
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