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King Arthur ch. 3/4

chapter 3 and 4 study guide

who are responsible for downfall of logres? launcelot and guinevere
who was the downfall predicted by? merlin
who does arthur convict of treason? Guinevere
who refuses to participate with guineveres death? Gawain
who leaves camelot cuz of sins? launcelot
what is the main item of the hg? cup
who brought the hg to britain? joseph of a
where is the hg kept? carbonek
who were the grail priests b4 galahad? naicens and joseph of a
who cannot see the hg? hector/mordred/launcelot
how lond took for quest of hg? 2 years
where is the hg today? heaven w/ galahad
what happens to galahad? dead in alter of carbonek, healed pelles, grail priest
what happens to gawain? killed by launcelot, buried at grover castle
what happens to gareth and gaheris? accidently slain by launeclot, buried at camelot
who said "forgive, come to logres, famous knight" gawain said this to lancelet when dieing
who said "mortal foe, ever will be" ka said this to launcelot
who said "none too hard, sin prevents me" launcelot spoke this about hg
who said "sinned against hg" naciens spoke this bout hg
who said "no share in this business, speak no more of this matter" gawain said this agravain
who said "greet you, all accomplished" naciens said this to galahad, percivale, bors
who said "guilty, must die at stake" Mordred said to arthur about guinevere
who said "traitor and liar" ka to bedivere cuz he didnt throw the sword in the lake
who said "my fate, die for the healing of the lady" dindrane said this to percivale (bro) lost too much blood
naciens heals launcelot twice...y? goes crazy bout elaine/sinned too much
halahad heals pelles..y? he must be made whole to die
launcelot heals 2 people....who? hurt knight, and urry
y does launcelot heal wounded knight and urry? wounded knight has been smote, urry had 3 grevious wounds
who are 3 grail maidens? blanchfluer, dindrane, elaine
blanchefluer? percivales love/wife
dindrane? percivales sis, dies for custom of castle, led knights to enchanted ship
elaine? tricked launcelot, dies of broken heart, pelles duaghter, mothers galahad
who told ka of galahads death? bors
who told ka of guineveres betrayal? mordred
who told launclot of gawiains death? gawain (wrote letter)
who told guinevere of arthurs last battle? bedivere
who told lancelet of ka's death? gunievere
what does ka accuse launcelot of? robbing of wife, slain knights, broke fellowship
who is related to joseph of a? elaine, galahad, pelles
who carried hg into camelot? no one
how many years did shield wait in abbey for galahd? 400 years (4 centuries)
who are responsible for hg? galahad, naciens, joseph of a
what items can only galahad have? grail, shield, siege, sword
who tried to claim galahads shield from abbey? king bagdemagus
melyas father? king of denmark
who finds golden crown? melyas
what advice are percivale and bors given? pure of heart and avoid temptations
who broke curse of carbonic? gawain
who rids with gawain back to camelot after adventure at carbonic? launcelot
who put 3 pieces of sword together to marry? percivale
who is morgnas son? mordred
who threatens to kill ka? bors
who appears in ka's dream advising about next battle? gawain
what does gawian tell ka about mordred truce w/ him
what does lucan tell ka about mordred? listen to gawain
who were left alive when the war ended? lucan and bedivere
what happened to excalibur? hand came up and took it
why is morgana sad about ka's death? no one to mess w/
Created by: kate_s
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