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Male reproduction

Test/o OR testocul/o OR orchi/o OR orchid/o(doesn't look or smell like Orchids) Testis OR Testicles(testes
The testes(testicles)are the bilateral male gonads that produce: 1.)Spermatozoa AKA Sperm(male sex cells) 2.)Testosterone AKA androgen (male sex hormone)
Testicular Pertaining to a testicle(testis)
Orchitis Inflammation of the testicle(testis)
Orchiotomy OR orchidotomy Surgical incision of a testicle(testis)
Orchiectomy OR Orchidectomy Surgical removal of a testicle(testis)
Bilateral Orchiectomy Surgical removal of both testes
The layperson would call a bilateral Orchiectomy Castration
Orchiplasty Surgical repair of a testicle(testis)
Orchidopexy OR Orchiopexy Surgical fixation of a testicle(testis)
Anorchism A condition of no testicle(testis)
Cryptorchidism Condition of an undescended(hidden)testicle
Sperm/i OR spermat/o Spermatozoa(sperm)
Spermatic Pertaining to spermatozoa(sperm)
Oligospermia A condition of scanty(deficient)spermatozoa(sperm)
Aspermia A condition of no spermatozoa(sperm)
Spermicide The killing of spermatozoa(sperm)
Spermatogenesis The creation of spermatozoa(sperm)
Spermatolysis The destruction of spermatozoa(sperm)
Epididym/o Epididymis OR epididymes
The epididymes are structure that Srore the spermatozoa(sperm)
Epididymitis Inflammation of an epididymis
Orchioepididymitis Imflammation of a testis AND epididymis
Epididymectomy Surgical removal of an epididymis
Vas/o Vessel
In the male reproductive system vas/o refers to a Vas deferens OR ductus deferens OR seminal duct
The Vasa deferentia,ductus deferentes,or seminal ducts are vessels that Carry spermatozoa(sperm)from the epididymes to the urethra
Vasectomy Surgical removal of a vas deferens
A bilateral vasectomy will cause Sterillty
Sterillty means The inability to produce offspring
Another medical term for sterility is Infertility(infertile)
Vasovasostomy A new opening of a vas deferens to restore fertility after a vasectomy
Urethr/o Urethra
The urethra in males is the vessel that carries urine,spermatozoa(sperm)AND semen to the outside world
Semen is the Liquid that mixes with the spermatozoa(sperm)
Transurethral Pertaining to through the urethra
Prostat/o Prostate(not prostrate)
The prostate gland creates Semen
Prostatitis Inflammation of the prostate
Prostatocystitis Inflammation of the prostate AND urinary bladder
Prostatolith Stone(s)in the prostate
Prostatorrhea Flow(discharge)from the prostate
Prostatectomy excision of the prostate
Suprapubic prostatectomy Excision of the prostate just above the pubes
Prostatolithotomy Surgical incision of the prostate to remove a stone
Prostatolithectomy Surgical removal of a stone in the prostate
Prostatocystotomy Surgical incision of the prostate and urinary blabber
Benign Prostate Hypertrophy OR Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia(BPH) A non-malignant excessive growth OR development of the prostate
Digital Rectal Exam(DRE) Digital palpation(feeling)of the rectum
A Digital Rectal Exam(DRE)can detect Behign Prostatic Hypertrophy(BPH)
TransUrethral Incision of the Prostate(TUIP) Pertaining to through the urethra to make an incision of the prostate
Transurethral Microwave Thermotheraphy(TUMT) Pertaining to through the urethra to apply heat theraphy(treatment)from micowaves to the prostate
TransUrethral Resection(excision)of the Prostate(TUR or TURP) Pertaining to through the urethra to cut back the prostate
Prostatic Specific Antigen(PSA) A blood test to detect a predisposition (tendency)for prostate malignancy
Vesicul/o Seminal vesicle(s)(FSU)
The seminal vesicles create Semen
Prostatovesiculectomy Excision of the prostate AND a seminal vesicle
Vesiculectomy Surgical removal of a seminal vesicle
Prostatovesiculitis Inflammation of the prostate gland AND a seminal vesicle
Balan/o Glans penis
The glans penis is the Enlarged distal portion(tip) of the penis
Balanitis Inflammation of the glans penis
Balanocele Herniation of the glans penis
Balanoplasty Surgical repair of the glans penis
Balanorrhea Purulent discharge(flow)from the glans penis
Purulent refers to Pus
Balanorrhea is a sign of Gonococci(GC)
Gonococci(GC) causes Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea is a Sexually Transmitted Disease(STD)AKA Sexually Transmitted Infection(STI)
Genitalia(genitals) Male OR female reproductive organs
Scrotum An elastic sac that surrounds the testicles(testes)
Hydrocelectomy Excision of a hydrocele
A hydrocele is a Collection of fluid in the scrotum
Circumcision The process of making a surgical incision around the prepuce
The prepuce is The foreskin
Penile implant A penile prosthesis
A penile prosthesis is an Artificial part used to correct Erectile Dyfunction(ED)
Erectile Dysfunction(ED) The inability to achieve OR maintain an erection AKA Impotence
Flaccid Limp
Priapism A condition of a persistent abnormal erection
Motility Ability to move
Transrectal ultrasound Using sound waves through the rectal wall to get an image of the prostate
Artificial insemination Introduction of semen AND spermatozoa into the uterus by artificial means
Coitus Physical union of male AND female genitalia AKA sexual intercourse OR copulation
Condom Prophylactic sheath used during coitus
Prophylactic(prophylaxis)means preventive OR protection
Ejaculation Ejection of semen AND/OR spermatozoa from the male urethral opening (meatus,orifice OR os)
Orgasm Climax of sexual stimulation
Puberty Age when secondary sexual characteristics develop
Male secondary sexual characteristics include: 1.)Facial body,AND pubic hair 2.)Deeper voice 3.)Superior torso development
Female secondary sexual characteristics include: 1.)Breast AND pelvic development 2.)Axillary,body,AND pubic hair 3.)Menses(menstruation)
Phimosis An abnormal condition of narrowing (stenosis)of the preputial orifice(os OR meatus)
Epispadia The urethral orifice is on the topside (dorsal side) of the penis
Hypospadia The urethral meatus is on the underside (ventral side)of the penis
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