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Re-do MOT 138

Chapter 44

Glucose into glycogen--stored long term in? Adipose tissue.
200-239mg/dl indicates? Borderline blood cholesterol levels.
Use as many drop necessary to fill each circle in a PKU test, is this statement correct or incorrect? Incorrect.
The VIP to injecting a PPD test? Make sure a wheel is forming.
RBC agglutination is a process also referred to as? Hemagglutination.
A phenylalanine-restricted diet is important because? It will prevent mental retardation.
(T/F):Chemistry tests are NOT part of IM diagnosis? True.
What is the reference range for fasting blood sugar? 70-110mg/dl
(T/F): When the agglutination test is used for pregnancy does no agglutination indicate a positive pregnancy? Yes, No aggulation indicates a + test result.
Does TB have a high amount of lipids in the cell wall? Yes.
What does an elevated finding of glycosylated hemoglobin indicate? Poor glucose control.
What is the danger of a high low-density lipoprotein level? It increases risk for coronary artery disease.
Insulin secreted by the pancreas in response to? Increased glucose levels.
Glucagon in secreted in response to? Decreased glucose levels.
What will not affect a fasting blood sugar? Antibiotics.
(T/F): Is a BCG use for the screening and dx of TB? No, it is not.
Which test always involves an antigen, an antibody specific for the antigen and a second antibody? EIA
Does exercise raise high-density lipoprotein levels? Yes it does.
Should you use a stopwatch to preform the hCG pregnancy test? Yes.
Plasma, serum and capillary blood are all required for a CLIA waived IM test? Yes, the use of Serum, blood and plasma is acceptable.
During a glucose tolerance test, if the pt has extreme hyperglycemia on the fasting specimen what should you do? Stop the tolerance test and alert the physician.
Substances such as bacteria that the body recognizes as foreign are? Antigens.
This is a process that is based on the presence or absence of certain antigens on the surface of RBCs. Blood typing.
Specific chemical produced by B cells of the immune system? Antibodies.
Measurement of reaction antigen with specific antibody? Enzyme immunoassay.
Serum containing antibodies? Antiserum.
Created by: rhiginbo
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