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MOT 138

Chpater 42

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is also known as? HCG-used to detect pregnancy.
What is the earliest HGC can be detected in serum or urine? Five days.
How long before the peak of HCG in a woman who is pregnant? About eight weeks.
If you are not able to collect the 1st morning urine for a HCG sample what must the specific gravity be to run the test? 1.010
Store at 39 degrees for 24hrs, is the protocol for what test? (if no fresh specimen is available.) Urine pregnancy test.
(T/F): You must allow refrigerated specimens to come to room temperature before starting test procedures. True.
Which type of tests are the basis for an early diagnosis of IM? Serologic tests.
Infectious Mononucleosis is the result of an infection of the lymphocytes by the EBV, virus--this stands for what? Epstein-Barr virus.
(NPC)or nasopharyngeal carcinoma and chronic fatigue syndrome are implications of what disease? IM - Mono.
10%-38% of the time IM is transmitted, approx. Yes.
IM is most often observed in what age group? 15-25 years of age.
During the first three to five days IM symptoms include? Fever and swollen glands.
Over seven to twenty days IM symptoms include? Headache, malaise, chest pain, cough, tonsillitis, rash, soft swollen lymph nodes, and swollen spleen.
What is the treatment of IM? Palliative, no vaccine- Prednizone often used.
Prothrombin time is also called? PT
International normalized ratio is also referred to as? INR
Coumadin targets? Vitamin K
Hemagglutination is the process of? Blood typing.
Which type of blood has no antigens or Rh factor and is considered the "universal donor"? Type O.
What % of North Americans are Rh-positive? 85%
what %of North Americans are Rh-negative? 15%
(T/F):Neither Rh +/- people have naturally occurring Rh antibodies in their blood. True.
How long after transfusion does it take Rh antibodies to develop? Two weeks.
(T/F): Both Rh factor and blood type must be taken into account for safe and successful blood transfusions. True.
Most cases of HDN can be prevented by administering? RhoGAM.
When must RhoGAM be administered for safe delivery of the fetus? At the 28th week of pregnancy and within 72 hrs after delivery, miscarriage or termination.
Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) and nitrogen mustard are drugs that? Reduce sperm count.
Orchitis (inflammation of the testes)testicular atrophy, testicular failure and obstruction of the vas deferens are all? Factors that can alter a semen analysis.
Cigarette smoking does what to semen? Decreases the volume of the semen.
What increases the sperm density and the % of cells w/ abnormal morphology. Coffee drinking.
Fever may temporarily suppress? The sperm count.
The Guthrie screening test is? A blood test for PKU.
Feeding problems (vomiting) and insufficient phenylalanine will result in a false-negative reading of what test? PKU
Premature infants because of the delay in liver enzymes may give a false-positive reading for what test? PKU
Salicylates, aspirin or antibiotics (of the mother) may interfere with what test readings? PKU
Who recommends a TB screening employment in the medical field? The advisory council for elimination of tuberculosis.
Small rod shaped aerobic bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis is responsible for what disease? TB
B/c of the high content of lipid in the cell wall of TB is difficult to stain; a red acid alcohol (acid- fast) test was developed by whom? Ziehl-Neeslsen
(T/F): Active TB is a serious & contagious condition that requires isolation and aggressive treatments over a period of months. True
(T/F): Inactive TB is latent and can become active during another illness or injury, when the body is weakened. True.
The most accurate method of TB testing is? The Mantoux test.
PPD or the purified protein derivative both use? Tuberculin
A hard raised area on the skin that is the result of sensitized lymphocytes migrating to the injection site is? Induration.
Glucose is the principle and almost exclusive what found circulating in blood? Carbohydrate.
Glucose converts to? Glycogen and adipose tissue.
Low blood glucose level. Hypoglycemia.
High blood glucose level (diabetes mellitus). Hyperglycemia.
The fasting blood glucose (FBG), 2 hour postprandial blood glucose, and the glucose tolerance test (GTT) all? Monitor carbohydrate levels.
What is the preferred test for TB in a clinical setting? FBG.
Insulin and glucagon are produced by? The pancreas.
The normal fasting range for FBG value is? From 70-110mg/100dL.
+ reaction for TB test is indicated by? 10mm or more induration.
- reaction for TB test is? less than 5mm induration.
doubtful reaction for the TB test is? 5-10mm induration.
Glycosylated hemoglobin is a sable molecule formed when which two substances bind together on the RBC? Sugar and hemoglobin.
Cholesterol levels are considered high risk for heart disease when they reach levels of? 240 mg/dL.
Two types of lipoprotein transport cholesterol trough the body, they are? High-density (HLD) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).
If HDL good then LDL is? The bad cholesterol.
Triglycerides are a type of? Lipid.
A blood urea nitrogen test (BUN) test measures the concentration of what in the blood? Urea.
Created by: rhiginbo
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