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Social and Cultural Diversity

Counseling a client from a different social and/or cultural background ____. Multicultural, Cross-Cultural, or Intercultural Counseling
Culture refers to _____. Customs, values, attitudes, and beliefs which charaterize members of group.
If efforts to diagnose clients of a different culture the counselor needs to ____. collect information regarding the specifcs of the culture.
In the US, each socioeconomic group represents __________. A separate culture.
Which therapists were influential in the social psychology movement? Freud, Durkheim, and McDougall.
____ and ____ believe that humans have an instinct to fight. Freud and Lorenz
Who said men have a midlife crisis for men between ages 40-45? Levinson
The term ______ says behavior must be assessed in the context of the culture in which the behavior occurs Contextualism
_______ was instrumental in aiding the multicultural movement (blank)
Which theorists are associated with the fustration-aggression theory? Dollard and Miller
Who created cognitive dissonance theory? Festinger
_____ is a universal phenomenon in which an ethnic group uses their culture as a standard of reference and believes they are superior. Ethnocentrism
_____ Theory says a relationship will endure if the rewards are greater than the cost. Social Exchange Theory
__________ Theory postulates a move from cognitive inconsistency to consistency and a tendency to achieve a balanced cognitive state. Balance Theory
True or False; in terms of diagnosis, a client's behavior could be sane and appropriate in one culture and bizarre and inappropriate in another. True
Cognitive dissonance research deals mainly with _____. Cognition and attitude formation
Counselors that use the same strategies and techniques with all clients have an ______ viewpoint. Etic
Counselors who use culturally specific interventions tailored to each of their client's needs have an ____ viewpoint. Emic
_____ means change comes from within autoplastic
____ asserts that clients cope best by altering external factors in the environment alloplastic
_____ is the process of acquiring the characteristics of ones culture Enculturation
_____ means that you are unable to accept the attitudes, beliefs or practices other than those in the persons own culture Ethnocentrism
___ is an attempt to understand another cultural system Cultural relativism
____ theory = groups are expected to renounce their ancestry and culture and assume characteristics of the national macroculture Anglo-Conformity
_____ theory = the mixing of various groups produce a stronger more diverse society (historically many laws have been made to prevent this from happening) Melting Pot
____ theory states that many cultural groups can coexist and retain their uniqueness within the macroculture Salad Bowl
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