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Human Growth and Development

____ means from the center of the body toward the extremities Proximodistally
____ means from the head down Cephalocaudally
Thomas and Chess identified nine innate, durable dimensions of temperment in this theory Nature vs. Nuture
Holmes and Rahe identified common stressful life events among Americans: ___ Death of spouse, divorce,personal injury, getting married, fired from job, pregnancy, empty nest, moving, and going on vacation
"Young old" ranges from ____ to _____. 65 to 74
" Middle old" ranges from ____ to ____. 75 to 84
"Oldest old" ranges from ___ + 85 +
___ is the first stage of Erikson's developmental theory trust vs mistrust (hope)
____ theory asserts that people develop patterns of behavior by observing and interacting with other people Social Learning Theory
____ created the following four streams of development: physical, drive, intellectual, ego development Loevinger
Some behaviors are __ and thus continued (learned) and some are not reinforced and tend to be ____. reinforced; extinguished
___ theory of cognitive development asserts that information is organized into schema's that allow the individual to solve problems Piaget
___ theory of cognitive development continues where Piaget left off and consists of dualism, multiplicity, relativism, and Commitment to relativism Perry
___'s theory of moral development focuses on male development, separation, and individualism Kohlberg
___ has a feminist view of moral development that focuses on making connections and relationships Gilligan
Name the stages of the black racial identity development model: pre-encounter, encounter, immersion, internalization, and internalization to commitment
___ are the components of Freud's structural theory of moral development: Id, Ego, and Superego
___ viewed development as a life-long process (less complete to more complete) with the ultimate goal of development as self-actualization or the harmonious blending of all aspects of personality Jung
__ focused on the social urges as the primary source of human motivation which included feelings of inferiority/superiority and birth order. Adler
___ believed that if the basic anxiety of fear is not allayed, the individual will develop maladaptive coping strategies Horney
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