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Latin #5

acetabulo- small cup
acro- tip
ad- to
aero- air
af- toward
ag- together
ala- wing
aliment- nourishment
allo- other
amphi- both
ana- up
andro- male
angi- vessel
ante- before
antero- forward
apo- from
arbor- tree
artic- joint
-ase enzyme
barb- beard
athero- fat
atrio- entry way
auri- ear
axi- axis
baro- pressure
bene- good
blasto- germinate
burso- purse
callo- thick
calori- heat
calv-/calvari- bald
calyx- cup
capito- head
capni- smoke
case- cheese
cata- down
cauda- tail
-cel little
cell- storeroom
-cene recent
chiasm- cross
chrondo- cartilage
chrono- time
chym- juice
cili- eyelash
circ- about
cisterna- reservoir
clast- breakdown
clavi- hammer
-cle little
cleido- clavicle
cnemo- lower leg
collo- hill
corono- corn
corpo- body
corti- bark
counter- against
coxa- hip
cribri- sieve
crino- serperate
crista- chest
crito- to seperate
cruci- cross
-cule small
cutane-/cuti- skin
cysto- bladder
dacty- finger
de- down
demi- half
den-/denti- tooth
dendro- tree
desmo- band
dia- across
dino- terrible
dis- apart
diure- pass through
dorm- sleep
duc- to carry
dys- bad
e- out
e-/ecto- outside
Created by: jnlaventure



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