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PSE test

President Kelsea kiene
Director of Professional Development Kevin Cola
VP of Human Resources Roman Capone
VP of Administration Ethan Barteck
VP Sales/Marketing Josh White
Social Chair Alex Berns
VP Finance Chelsea Deniston
VP Public Relations Marion Vross
Service Chair Brad Blumer
COG Coordinator Manuel Vasquez
VP Sales/Marketing 2 Adam Stuck
Sergeant of Arms Matthew Allen
OU Grad and founder of PSE Lloyd L. Antle
Colleagues of Founder Dr. William Harris Dr. Henry Baker
Founder of SME Mr. Lewis F. Gordon
_______ Sales executives Prospective (collegiate)Preparers(educators)Professional (professionals and alumni)
First Chapter began in____ Georgia State College
UT Chapter Name Epsilon Delta
UT Chapter founded in and by 1994 by Dr. David Reed
Part of which region Northern Central region
Miami University of Ohio Gamma Gamma
University of Akron Gamma Kappa
The Ohio State University Gamma Nu
University of Cincinnati Epsilon Mu
PSE first allowed female members in? 1974
First discovered female? D.A. Barsellotti
Official colors? Amethyst and gold
Tilted Ellipse Competition
Amethyst Color (2) Sincerity/ Belief
Cube (2) Character/ ethics
Chalice (2) Confidence/ Faith
Open Book Knowledge
Hammer Work
Compass & Square Skill
Eagle wisdom
golden spur honor
Different Levels of PSE Collegiate, Alumni, Professional, Educator, Associate
Statements of Purpose To Create, to Promote, to Bring Together,to Encourage, to Stimulate, to Instill
Created by: 1849980947
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