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PSAT vocabulary

Abeyance Temporary suspension or inactivity
Abscond To leave suddenly and secretly, particularly to avoid prosecution or capture
Advocate To speak in favor of
Aggrandize To make greater or exaggerate
Aggregate To combine or form a collection of sum; also amounting to a whole or total
Alacrity Willingness or cheerful eagerness
Amalgam To lessen or make easier to endure
Ambivalence A mixture of different elements or concepts
Ameliorate To improve or to make more satisfactory
Amorphous Having no define form, vague, or unorganized
Anachronism An error in chronology or a thing that belongs in another era or time
Bellicose War-like; aggressive
Consummate Complete; total; supremely good
Elusive Hard to pin down
Gregarious Extroverted; sociable; outgoing
Jaundiced Cynical; pessimistic
Nettle Annoy
Phenomenon An event or happening (plural: phenomena
Recuperate Get a better after illness
Superlative Extremely good; the best
Whet Sharpen
Belligerent Aggressive; ready to fight
Contemporary Living or happening at the same time
Emaciated Very thin; withered
Gritty Coarse; granular
Jaunt Short pleasure trip
Niggardly Miserly; stingy
Philanthropy Charity; love of mankind
Red tape Formalities; paperwork; official procedure
Surly Grumpy; rude
Whimsical Capricious; changeable
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