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CHapter 21 vocab


sprain to wrench or twist a ligament or muscle usually a joint.
traction using weight to align bone.
subluxation partial dislocation.
strain injury to muscles and tendons caused by over stretching.
splint a device used to immobilizean injured body part.
reduction aligning bone ends.
open reduction alignment of a bone using internal fixation.
nebulizer a device with a mouth piece or mask that a pt. recieves treatment.
luxation displacement of organs or articular surfaces.
irrigation washing of a wound.
fracture a break in a bone.
dislocation a bone displacement from an articular joint.
compress material soaked in water to be placed on an affected area.
closed reduction setting or alignment of a bone without opening the skin.
cerumen ear wax.
cast solid mold for a part used in situ for the immobilization of a part.
canthus corner of the eye.
atrophy muscle wasting.
aerosol a solution dispenced as a mist.
hypertonic more concentration of electrolytes than body tissue.
hypotonic less concentration of electrolytes than body tissue.
isotonic same concentration of electrolytes than body tissue
cryotherapy treatment with cold.
DO Doctor of osteopathy.
RICE Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.
vasodilation widening the blood vessels.
vasoconstriction narrowing the blood vessels.
thermotherapy treatment with heat.
pinna ear flap.
DC doctor of chiropractic
TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator.
MDI metered-dose inhalers.
UV ultraviolet.
ORIF open reduction with internal fixation.
POP cast plaster of paris casts.
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