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Anatomy Ch.5

Study guide

Objective abnormalities that can be seen by someone other than the patient are called? Signs
Abnormalities felt only by the patient are called? Symptoms
Diseases that persit for a short amount of time and then disappear are called? Acute
Diseases that develop slowly and last a long period of time are called? Chronic
A disease that is passed from person to person is called? Communicable
What is it called in an infectious disease when it takes time to build up? Incubation
Remission means? Stable
The study of the occurrence, distribution, and transmission of disease in humans is called? Epidemiology
When a disease spreads locally in a native region it is called? Endemic
When a disease spreads in your local community it is called? Epidemic
When a disease spreads world wide it is called? Pandemic
What are the four factors that may play a role in disease? Nutrition, Age, Gender, Socioeconomic
Name three mechanisms of disease? Genetic Mechanism, Infectious Mechanism, and Neoplastic Mechanism
An organism that lives in or on another organism to obtain its nutrients is called? Parasite
A condition that may take the development of a disease more likely to occur? Predisposing
What are the risk factors of disease? Genetic Factors, Age, Lifestyle, and Preexisting Conditions
Intracellular parasites that consist of a nucleic acid core surrounded by a protein coat is known as what? Virus
Pathogenic proteins that convert normal proteins into abnormal proteins? Prion
Mad Cow Disease? BSE
Diseases that are rare and fatal conditions characterized by degeneration of brain tissue and progressive loss of nervous system function? BSE AND vCJD
What is a tiny primitive cell without a nucleus? Bacterium
Requires oxygen for their metabolism? Aerobic
Requires an absence of oxygen? Anaerobic
What are the ways to classify bacteria? Growth Requirements, Staining Properties, Shape and Size
When bacteria is stained purple it is? Gram-positive
When bacteria is not stained purple it is? Gram-negative
What are the three shapes of bacteria? Round, Rod and Curved
Large, rod shaped cells found singly or in groups? Bacilli
Large round bacteria found singly, pairs, or strings? Cocci
What causes Rocky Mountain Fever? Rickettsia
What are hard to get rid of and reproduce? Spores
One celled organisms that are larger than bacteria and whose DNA is organized in a nucleus. Also spreads in water? Protozoa
What are the three major groups of pathogenic animals? Nematodes, Platyhelminths, and Arthropods
What is it called when disease spreads without sickness? Vector
What are some ways pathogens can spread? Person-to-Person Contact, Environmental Contact, Opportunistic Invasion, and Transmission by Vector
What are the methods to prevent the spread of pathogens? Sterilization, Disinfecting, and Isolation
Neoplasms are what? Tumors
Benign means? Stable
Malignant means? Spreading
What are two benign tumors that arise from epithelial tissue? Papilloma and Nevus
What are three benign tumors that arise from connective tissue? Lipoma, Osteoma, and Chondroma
What are malignant tumors that arise from epithelial tissues? Carcinoma
What are two carcinomas that arise from epithelial tissues? Melanoma and Adenocarcinoma
Malignant tumors that arise from connective tissues are? Sarcomas
What are the four sarcomas that arise from connective tissues? Lymphoma, Osteosarcoma, Myeloma, and Fibrosarcoma
What are the five causes for cancer? Genetic Factors, Carcinogens, Age, Environment, and Viruses
What is carcinogen? Chemical that causes cancer
What are the four methods to help determine cancer? Self Examination, Diagnostic Imaging, Blood Test, and Biopsy
What is known as portable outcome? Prognosis
What is chemical therapy called? Chemotherapy
What are the four treatments for cancer? Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Laser Therapy, and Immunotherapy
A combination of processes that attempt to minimize injury to tissues? Inflammatory Response
What are the four signs of inflammatory response? Redness, Heat, Swelling, and Pain
When tissues are damaged due to inflammation they release inflammation mediators called what? Histamine, Prostaglandins, and Kinnins
Kinnins do what? Intensifies Reaction
Edema is also known as what? Swelling
The movement of white blood cells in response to chemical attractants? Chemo taxis
Local Inflammation? Remains Isolated
Systematic Inflammation? Spreads throughout the body
Example of systematic inflammation? Fever
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