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Chapter 8 Reading

Reading from Chapter 8

aer/osis the production of gas in the tissues or organs of the body
aer/o/path/y any disease due to a change in atmospheric pressure
alveol/us name used to designate a small saclike pit or cavity
dental / alveoli the tooth sockets in the upper and lower jaw bones
alveol / ectomy surgical excision of the tooth socket bony structure
alveol/o/plasty the surgical improvement of the shape and condition of the tooth sockets
corneous hornlike or horny
dactyloscopy examination of fingerprints for purpose of identification
isodactylism a condition in which the fingers are equal length
pneumonedema abnormal quantities of fluid in the lungs
ependyma name of the membrane lining the cavities of the brain and the cnal enclosing the spinal cord
bifurcate forked ; divided into two
bifurcation division into two branches ; the site where a single structure divides into two
gravidic occurring during pregnancy
iridization the patient's perception of colored halos about lights
metabolism the transformation by which energy is made available for the body to use
basal metabolism the minimal energy needed to maintain the physical and chemical activities of the body
omentum membranous cover of the abdominal organs
oophoron an ovary
onychophagy nail biting
odynophagia pain in swallowing
leukoplakia a disease marked by white thickened patches on the mucous membrane of the cheeks, gum and tongue
plaque any patch or flat area
dental plaque a desposit of material on the surface of a tooth
pneumatocele a swelling containing air any place in the body
pneumonia inflammation of the lungs, usually with complications
pneumonitis benign pneumonia
radix the lowermost part
radicul nerve root
sedative drug that calms or reduces excitement
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