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Combining forms

antagon- oppose or work againts
anter- before; fort part
anthrac- coal
anxio- fear; worry
aort- aorta
apher- withdrawl
aphth- ulcer
apic- apex (tip)
appendic- appendix
appendicul- limb; small attached part
append- small structure hanging from a larger structure; appendix
appercept- fully perceived
aque- watery substance
arachn- spider; spider web
areol- small area around the nipple
arteri- artery
arteriol- arteriole
arter- artery
arthr- joint
articul- joint
asbest- asbestos
ascit- ascites
aspir- to breath in; to suck in
asthen- lack of strength
asthm- asthma
astr- starlike structure
atel- incomplete
ather- soft, fatty substance
atheromat- fatty deposit or mass
athet- without position or place
atri- atrium (upper heart chamber)
attenu- weakened
audi- the sense of hearing
audit- the sense of hearing
augment- increase in size or degree
aur- ear
auricul- ear
auscult- listening
aut- self
autonom- independent; self-governing
axill- axilla (armpit)
axi- axis
bacteri- bacterium
balan- glans penis
bar- weight
basil- base of an organ
bas- base of a structure; basic (alkaline)
behav- activity; manner of acting
bili- bile; gall
bilirubin- bilirubin
bi/o- life, living organism; living tissue
blast- immature, embryonic
blephar- eyelid
botul- sausage
brachi- arm
bronchi- bronchus
bronchiol- bronchiole
bronch- bronchus
brux- to grind the teeth
buccinat- cheek
bucc- cheek
bulb- like a bulb
bunion- bunion
burs- bursa
cac- bad; poor
calcane- calcaneus (heel bone)
calc- calcium
calcific- hard from calcium
calci- calcium
calc- calcium
calcul- stone
calic- calix
cali- calix
calor- heat
cancell- lattice structure
cancer- cander
candid- candida (a yeast)
can- resembling a dog
capill- hairlike structure; capillary
capn- carbon dioxide
capsul- capsuke (enveloping structure)
carb- carbon atoms
carbox- carbon monoxide
carcin- cancer
card- heart
cardi- heart
cari- caries (tooth decay)
carot- stupor; sleep
carp- wrist
cartilagin- cartilage
catabol- breaking down
catheter- catheter
caud- tail (tail bone)
caus burning
cavit- hollow space
cav- hollow space
cec- cecum (first part of large intestine)
celio- abdomen
cellul- cell
centr- center; domain part
cephal- head
cerebell- cerebellum (posterior part of the brain0
cerebr- cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
cervic- neck; cervix
cheil- lip
chem- chemical; drug
chez- to pass feces
chir- hand
chlor- chloride
cholangi- bile duct
chole- bile; gall
cholecyst- gallbladder
cholendoch- common bile duct
cholesterol- cholesterol
chol- bile; gall
chondr- cartilage
chori- chorion (fetal membrane)
chorion- chrion (fetal membrane)
choroid- chriod (middle layer around the eye)
chrom- color
chron- time
cid- killing
cili- hairlike structure
cin- movement
cingu- structure that surrounds
circulat- movement in a circular route
circul- circle
cirrh- yellow
cis- to cut
claudicat- limping pain
claustr- enclosed space
circulat- movement in a circular route
circul- circle
cirrh- yellow
cis- to cut
clavicul- clavicle (collar bone)
clav- clavicle (collar bone)
cleid- clavicle (collar bone)
clinic- medicine
clon- indentical group derived from one; rapid contracting and relaxing
coagul- clotting
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